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Sukhoi Su-35-1 Maiden Flight

SUKHOI’S PROTOTYPE Su-35-1 multi-role fighter, ‘901 Blue’, undertook its first flight from Zhukovsky, near Moscow, on February 18. Built at the KnAAPO factory in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, it was completed in August 2007, just in time for the MAKS 2007 airshow. The aircraft was airfreighted to Zhukovsky inside an An-124 just before the show, where it was then placed on static display (see Sukhoi’s Su-35 Makes Its Debut, November, p20). Since then it had been completing a series of ground tests and was expected to have flown by November, but this was delayed by three months, for unknown reasons.

KnAAPO is currently

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Gomel: another political prisoner

Upon written request of employees of local broadcasting company "Gomel" Zhukovsky "ripped off work" TV. Police officer assured that Zhukovsky read "on the colors and inflated, apart from the fact, on whiteRussian language. "September 18 Konstantin Zhukovsky came to his office broadcasting company "Gomel" to complain about the biased coverage of events in the town.Namely, the fact that the TV does not light tribute way of reprisals against local activists.Central tribunal which is next to the broadcasting company, punished arrests based on trumped-up charges police youth activists Dmitry Zhaleznichenka and Andrew Tsyanyuta.Since the book of comments and suggestions Konstantin Zhukovsky

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Explosive chamber candidate

Detective temper procedure records acquired after, as director of the studio went "Broadcasting company" Gomel " Viktor Kotov and saw that the trustees candidate Zhukovsky parallel recorded his statement on his camera.Voice MP candidate prince Zhukovsky: "We initially agreed with the staff of television, we relaxed launched. Removed test footage, and later recorded all my speech. Immediately removed and my people. Was this oral agreement servants television. And finished recording in the studio burst Director" Broadcasting company "Gomel "Cats and began to yell," Why are you here? you want to undermine us! "And the incredible rush charges. Called the police

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Gomel secret executions have to figure out through the Tribunal

Activist reaches, so authorities gave him the opportunity to get acquainted with the materials of excavations in the woods behind Novobelitsey held in May last year.Zhukovsky says:"I applied to the court for the Gomel regional executive committee. They refused my request to review the documents. Those are working on commission, who studied who owns the remains of people found in Navabelitski forest in May 2007. What was excavated? How? When lying? How was dug bullets, buttons and everything else? They recommended me to meet with the official data in the newspapers "Lighthouse" and "Gomel true." But there has not been

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In pictures: the Su-35s with weapons in Zhukovsky

Vyacheslav Babaevsky posted on the resource photos passing the test with a suspended prototyping of armament in the "Flight Research Institute named after Gromov" in Zhukovsky Su-35S Russian Air Force. As reported, in February 2013 in Zhukovsky, of 929 First State Flight Test Center (glycerol) in Akhtubinsk for the passage of the next phase of state joint tests flew five Su-35s built 2011-2012.

Su-35s (tail number "01 Black") Russian Air Force built in 2011. The plane carrying three guided aerial bombs KAB-1500L, two missiles RVV-SD and two P-73. Zhukovsky, February 2013 (c)

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In pictures. Il-76MD-90A in Zhukovsky

January 30 Il-76MD-90A RA-78650 arrived in Zhukovsky test!

The aircraft was built "Aviastar-SP" (Ulyanovsk) and made its first flight 22 September 2012.

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Gomel to levy taxes through activist Tribunal

Inspectors believe that the expenditure Constantine Zhukovsky, namely, for the purchase of the house in Gomel, exceeds the declared income for the last 5 years. Hence the requirement to pay 2 million 115 thousand rubles of income tax.Zhukovsky says:"This is the third attempt to recover from the tax office have more than 2 million rubles tax. They are tied to how if I did not pay taxes for own life. Last year I was invited to inspect clarification. I acquired a hut, which was burnt by the state. We can say, for the sake of space, because the hut had

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Postcard concert NRM — arrest and fine

The detainees were brought to the court of the Central District in handcuffs. More than 2-days they spent in the temporary detention. March 14 evening, during the concert of "NRM" in the city center of culture, Zhukovsky and detained Tulzhankova police and people in civilian clothes. Ms. Tulzhankova holding a greeting to the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic of. Handing out postcards with a greeting and invitation take the role of in celebration of the anniversary of the BNR March 25 in Minsk Konstantin Zhukovsky. Nearby were policemen in uniform. But his hands twisted and pushed to the

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Detained at a concert NRM — in prison

K. Zhukouski and M.Tulzhenkava were detained yesterday during the concert of "NRM", where K. Zhukouski distributed greeting the 90th anniversary of the BNR. Militiamen refused to explain the basis for their detention. At first Young people taken to the police department of the Central district, and later — on examination in drug dispensaries. If the police department came photographer Paul Mickiewicz, the police seized his camera and deleted the photos made during detention.Detainees drawn up for disorderly conduct. It is possible that they will stay in prison pending trial, which is scheduled for March 17 mon. Warm clothes for the police

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Gomel activist detained in concert NRM

As said K. Zhukouski himself during a concert he gave the audience greeting the 90th anniversary of the BNR. Ran up to him, two policemen and two civilian, twisted arms and knocked to the floor. By K. Zhukouski when he resisted arrest, as thought that he was attacked by bandits.After detention K. Zhukouski taken to Central police station in Gomel.

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