Super-Earths found orbiting distant star

Not one, but three planets found in Gliese 667C’s habitable zone

Scientists using data from the ESO’s

HARPS (High Accuracy Radial velocity

Planet Searcher) have discovered not one, but three super-Earths orbiting in the stellar habitable zone of Gliese

667C. It’s a record-breaker as far as finding planets where liquid water might exist is concerned, and it means that this habitable zone is as populated with planets as it can get.

“We knew that the star had three planets from previous studies, so we wanted to see whether there were any more,” said Mikko Tuomi, one of the astronomers from

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Social housing

This provocative social housing project in Champigny-sur-Магne, the realisation of a competition win, took a unique approach to the design brief. Aiming to revitalise and renew an urban zone characterised by a jumble of different building types from the 1970s, the programme called for mixed use: housing, commercial space, and so forth. Instead of taking the predictable path of replacing the ‘mess’ with order, the mixed-up with clarity, the architects chose to celebrate the chaos with a strategy of ‘urban collage’. In effect, they refused to interpret the context and decided instead to incorporate it, literally, into the

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Question of the week: Is Belarus gets the Schengen area, and when?

Man: "I believe that it is real, but it is dependent on our government. How long will it take? Do not know — maybe five years."Youth"We do definitely want to, but after a couple of years — it is impossible to find. The sooner the better. "His companion: "I believe that likely a couple of years to join the Schengen Belarus alliance, but lately it does not happen by impartial reasons connected with politics, and economic issues. "Young Man: "I find it almost mystical — as well as Ukraine and the Russian Federation or to get into such unions. We

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In Yandex is now its own domain zone. Yandex

Regulating the Internet address space an international nonprofit organization ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) approved the submitted by the Russian company "Yandex" for the establishment of the blast zone. Yandex. 

"As long as we are planning to use the top-level domain for themselves. At" Yandex "a lot of regional domains:, and others likely to. Yandex will be the same information: search, our services and information about the company" Yandex . "Over time, people get used to use the top-level domains, they can always go to the" Yandex "through. yandex", — told "Izvestia",

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Turkey has allowed work on the South Stream in his

The Turkish government has given Russia permission to work in the exclusive economic zone of Turkey in the Black Sea as part of the project "South Stream", said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"The Turkish government recently issued a final permit us to work in the area of the exclusive economic zone of Turkey under the Black Sea," — he said, speaking at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

In Iceland this week about a thousand earthquakes recorded

October 5, 2013. Very close to the northern coast of Iceland, about 10 km on the city Gegurta from September 25 to present seysmochuvstvitelnye instruments recorded about 1,000 individual tremors. Their depth varied from 15 km, which corresponds to the boundary of the mantle and the crust, up to several hundred meters, that is, just at the surface.

The last two were thrust magnitude 3 and 3.2 points, the rest of the mini-earthquakes were within the same magnitude or less. However, the small depth of their epicenters enabled devices easily register Occurred activity. Scientists suggest that the earthquake caused

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About the oil spill in Arkansas

For the past week and a half after the accident at the Mayflower (AR) on the pipeline by pumping tar sands ExxonMobil is there a lot. ExxonMobil has started clearing, the U.S. government has established over the area of the accident no-fly zone, about 40 of the affected residents for nearly two weeks are in the evacuation guide ExxonMobil warned that going to arrest journalists who seek to know and talk about the scale of the disaster, some accident victims have filed a class action suit demanding the payment of monetary compensation.

After the accident revealed an amazing thing

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Deforestation and food crisis threatens Myanmar

Deforestation and food crisis threatens Myanmar Facts

Myanmar takes 4th place in the list of countries for the annual deforestation, providing 60% of the world's supply of teak. External revenues from the wood is 10%. Beginning in 1990, Myanmar loses 1% of forests. Between 2000 and 2005 the country lost 466,000 hectares of forest. For 2010, forests covered nearly 32 million hectares, or 48% of the total land area.

The problem of deforestation is particularly acute in the country as Myanmar is one of the least developed agricultural countries in Southeast Asia. Home Myanmar's breadbasket in the heart of the

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Ripening found near Istanbul earthquake

June 19, 2013. Geologists have identified a suspicious fracture site under the Sea of Marmara near Istanbul. Analysis of the seismic data has shown that there is already 250 years old is not going aftershocks and this may indicate a threatening earthquake accumulation of stress. Details are papers Nature Communications.

Researchers from Germany, New Zealand and Turkey itself, examined data on past earthquakes near Istanbul. They have taken into account as major earthquakes and small tremors that were fixed only with special equipment, and the result was a white spot south of the city beneath the bottom of the

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Humanoids in the zone of silence


On the border of the United States and Mexico, 400 miles from El Paso, is a deserted place, within which for some strange reason, refuse to work televisions and radios. It is called the zone of silence.

In the next town Ceballos, located 25 miles from the anomalous area, unknown force from time to time jamming signals to television and radio, despite the absence of visible noise. In the area of radio silence finally calms down, and other devices invariably fail: stop watch and a compass spinning like mad.

The story goes that back in the

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