A husband and wife died on the same day, after living together for 60 years


84-year-old retiree from the Rostov region died a few hours after the death of his old age from 82-year-old husband.

The touching story of true love and fidelity Istomino occurred in the village of Aksai district. Social workers who watched an elderly couple during a raid found the lifeless body of Paul and Anna Khmyz. Old people lying dead on the bed next to holding hands.

Upon examination, it was found out that the hearts in love with each other for 60 years, stopped beating with a difference of a couple of hours. The first died Khmyz Anna, her husband died in the evening.

— Anna S. never worked, simply forbade her husband to work and he provided it. Payroll tractor he wore a woman like a queen, — a social worker department of social services at home in the village of Aksai district Istomino Valentina Borisova. — It's been an amazing couple. At first, my grandmother passed away, and after a few hours and grandfather. When we walked into their room, the old lay side by side, looking at Paul Denisovich favorite. Until his last breath, they were next to each other.

For a long life, Anna and Paul had four children, six grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. How to tell the kids Khmyz spouses, lovers have taken the decision to marry in a few months after the meeting. As soon as he saw the young Anna at the "Uralmash" Paul fell in love at first sight with her.

Over the years, deteriorated health of the spouses, but not love. 8 years ago, Anna S. fell and injured hip. Since then, she almost did not get up from the bed. Paul Denisovich he cared for her until the last day. A man preparing food for his beloved, erased, and when his beloved wanted to get some air, endured at the hands of the house into the yard.

— One day, along a burglar broke into the house. At this point, Dad was working in the garden, and my mother was in the house. Robber demanded money, and then began to choke her, — a daughter of Anne and Paul Elena Potachkina. — But my mother did not utter a sound and silence give it all a thief: she was afraid that if the noise will come running father, the perpetrator could cripple him. That robber was never caught.

According to the priest of the Assumption Church in Aksai district, death in one day — a great grace for the spouses. Such a fate worthy of only those couples who have lived their lives in love and faithfulness.

— Saints Peter and Fevronia also died at the same time, — says Igor's father. — Such a fate the Lord sends only selected pairs.

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