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Messages of Atlantis were read in the period between 1924 and 1944. They are the most fantastic, strange, incredible information in a number of reports of the famous clairvoyant Edgar Cayce.

Edgar Cayce said that the people of Atlantis used planes and submarines, as well as possess advanced technology that exceed the level achieved in the XX century. Also, the people of Atlantis were experts on "remote photographing" and "reading inscriptions through walls, even at a distance."

Case said that "electric knife used for cutting metals have such a shape that it can be used as a means for microsurgery and nowadays. Due to their properties to stop bleeding, knife elicited coagulation forces when entering a major artery or vein, or operations on them. "

There is evidence to suggest that survivors of Atlantis brought to Egypt "electronic music, in which the color, vibration and liveliness contributed to setting up the emotions of individuals or nations. This provided the opportunity to change their customs. The same applies in general to change the temperaments of individuals for the sake of mental health. Music in line with the natural vibrations of the body. "
Keyes spoke of the "death ray, which came from the womb of the Earth, and the use of power supplies, caused the destruction of parts of the land."

This "death ray" could be a laser: the author of Atlantis Research reported in 1933 that the beam "will be open for the next twenty-five years." He spoke of "electrical equipment used by these people to the beautiful buildings." The inhabitants of Atlantis were proficient "in the application of electrical power and influence, especially in connection with their impact and in view of the impact on metals. The same effect was used for the enrichment of metals and the discovery of other deposits. Equally adept they were in the use of various forms of transportation of electric power and influence, or transformation by these influences. "

At the same time, Keith said in Atlantis using electric current for metal. But there is no evidence that the ancients knew anything about electricity, not to mention the possibility of using it in the industry. In 1938, Dr. William Koenig, a German archaeologist who conducted an inventory of the artifacts in the museum Iraqi government in Baghdad. He noticed the incredible resemblance set of earthenware jars, whose age was equal to two millennia, with a series of batteries dry cell. His curiosity aroused a kind of internal parts of the pitchers, each of which was a copper cylinder closed bottom plate (performed as copper) and sealed with asphalt.

A few years later Dr. Keuning assumptions were verified. Willard Gray, an engineer from the high voltage laboratory of "General Electric" (Pittsfield, MA), has completed the work to create an exact copy of the Baghdad pitchers. He established — the iron rod that is inserted into a copper tube and filled with citric acid, generated electric current voltage from 1.5 to 2.75 V. This is enough to cover the subject of gold. The experiment, conducted by Gray demonstrated: the ancient masters could use electricity for practical purposes, the processing of metals.

There is no doubt that the "Baghdad Battery" has received since the denomination was not the first device of this type. This device was unknown technology that preceded it, possibly for thousands of years. It included much more than the outstanding achievements of electrical engineering, has long lost by the time of "Baghdad Battery."

According to Casey, the people of Atlantis were not limited to the use of electricity in industry. In Atlantis resort to "the use of sound waves on the basis of the principles that provide the ability to use light communications," — he said.

In the construction business operated in Atlantis "lifts, connecting pipes, working with compressed air and steam."

Atlantis Technology extended to aeronautics. Airships of elephant skins converted "into containers for gases which are used for lifting into the air and movement of aircraft on the various parts of the continent and even beyond its borders … They could not cross the only areas of land, but also to fly over water expanses. "

Aircraft operated by a man — that, in practice, the emblem of our times. From our point of view, the reference to the ancient Aeronautics seem incredible. But a number of serious researchers believe: Peruvian travelers on balloons for another two thousand years before our time could explore the famous Nazca lines in the desert air.

Despite the stubborn unwillingness to accept the assertion Keyes word for it, there are some false, but very attractive, the evidence that give reason to believe: In the ancient world there were aircraft, controlled by man.

The earliest authentic mention of travel by air belong to the V century BC, the time before the birth of Plato. Greek scholar Al-hit of Tarentum built a kite from the skin. Lifting force snake was sufficient to support the weight of the person. This innovation in practice, used the Greek army — this is the earliest example of aerial reconnaissance.

More startling discovery was made near the end of the XIX century in the valley of the Upper Nile. This story is told well known writer and researcher David Hatcher Childress: "In 1898 in an Egyptian tomb was found near Saqqara model. She was given the name "bird." In the catalog of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo is registered as object 6347. Then, in 1969, Dr. Khalil Massiha was shocked to see that the "bird" was not only direct the wings, but the vertical tail. From the point of view of Dr. Massiha, the object represented by the model airplane. "Bird" is made of wood, it weighs 39.12 g, is in good condition.

The wingspan is 18 cm, length of the nose of the aircraft — 3.2 cm, total length 18 cm aircraft itself and the ends of the wings are aerodynamically shaped. In addition to the symbolic eyes and two short lines under the wings, on the model there is no other jewelry is also available for the landing gear. The experts tested the model and found that it meets the requirements of the aircraft. "

Only during archaeological excavations in Egypt found fourteen such models of aircraft. It is interesting to note that the model is found in Saqqara archaeological site associated with the early dynastic period, the beginning of the civilization of the pharaohs. This suggests — a flying machine is not one of the newest developments, and belongs to the first years of civilization in the Nile valley.

Abnormal Egyptian artifacts are, in fact, turn out to be models of real objects that were run by ancestors of Atlantis. A wooden model of working glider in the Cairo Museum gives grounds to assume — the ancient Egyptians, at least, understood the fundamental principles of flight objects heavier than air, controlled by man. Perhaps this knowledge became the only legacy that has survived from earlier times. That is, before these principles are found serious application.

This quotation is taken from the book Childress "aircraft Vimana ancient India and Atlantis" (co-author — Ivan Sanders). There is given the most comprehensive study of the topic. Childress managed to raise an amazing testimony of the earliest Hindu tradition associated with the aircraft, which is believed to have ascended into the air in antiquity.

Known in those days as the Vimana, they are referred to in the famous "Ramayana" and "Mahabharata", as well as lesser-known, younger Indian epic "Drona Parva."

Aircraft are discussed with amazing technical detail in a number of manuscripts of ancient India. In such classic sources as "Vimaanika Shastra", "Manus" and "Samarangana Sutradhara" is a further description of "air machines". They are believed to have operated in the far "prehistoric" times.

In each of these epics tells of the past, distant times, dating is believed to the last year before the disaster militant Atlantis. Terrific material collected Childress from primary sources dating from the dawn of Indian literature, is an irrefutable proof of the description of aircraft operating in Atlantis. This is what is discussed at the time Casey. However, you should understand the Vimana had nothing to do with modern aviation. Their driving force is completely different from the internal combustion engine or jet engines. They also do not have any relation to aeronautics in the modern sense.

Obviously, the Atlantis operated two types of aircraft: managed devices, filled with air, and the Vimana. Recent machines heavier than air, they managed from a central power source to ground. Vimana — aeronautics technology that extends beyond the edge of known achievements in this field. But balloons, according to the descriptions Keyes, characterized by a number of features that suggest authenticity.

He reports that the shell was made of units of elephant hides. They may have to be too heavy to serve as a container for any gas which was lighter than air. But could use more lightweight, expandable, sealed bladders elephants. In any case, Casey writes — in Atlantis used animals that lived on its territory.

In "Critias" as reported — on the island of Atlantis abounded in elephants. Skeptics have for a long time (until 1960) suggested — Plato was wrong to include this discrepancy in its description. But in the 1960s. oceanographers suddenly lifted from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean about two hundred miles west of the coast of Portugal, hundreds of bones of elephants from a number of different test sites. Scientists came to the conclusion — in ancient times, these animals roamed the narrow isthmus, which is under water now, but in prehistoric times, connects the Atlantic coast of North Africa to Europe. This discovery gives us a special confidence not only in the works of Plato, but also to the work of Casey.

No less surprising is and submarines, preexisting V century BC. The Greek historian Herodotus and the Roman naturalist I century BC Pliny the Elder, as well as Aristotle wrote about submarines. It was reported that the most famous pupil of Aristotle, Alexander the Great was raised on board the submarine, sealed glass during his stunning underwater journey in the Eastern Mediterranean about 320 BC

These submerged under water machines date back to around XXIII century BC But Atlantis disappeared from the face of the Earth for millennia before. Even so, if these inventions occurred in ancient times, they could operate in the Bronze Age.

Achievements of ancient aeronautics pale in comparison to larger successes achieved by scientists of Atlantis: "In the splitting of the atom and in the release of nuclear forces to be used as a driving force for means of transport for lifting large loads, to change the surface of the earth, to the forces of nature "- says Edgar Cayce.

His work explained that explosives were invented in Atlantis. Seven years earlier Cayce mentions what he calls "the period when they were first manufactured explosives."
Ignatius Donnelly, the father of the modern science of Atlantis, and before that wrote explosives were developed in Atlantis.

Casey explained, was created in Atlantis as an advanced society, as a civilization there has developed over more or less continuous period of history, which culminated in the final catastrophe. Contributed to the evolution of the centuries-old cultural development, which flourished and improved forms of art that had a scientific basis. This — the knowledge and the use of force crystals. With the help of the driving forces of nature in some way directed at the service of man and his needs. Transportation was carried through the air and under the sea, the whole world of Atlantis was enmeshed in a web of telecommunications.

We do not understand the high level of material progress that has existed since prehistoric times. We believe that this progress is beyond our understanding. But a lot more well-known civilizations managed to achieve technological breakthroughs, forgotten by their collapse, and sometimes re-opened only after the millennium. Until the last century, we could not rise to the level of the Maya of Central America, in the knowledge of celestial mechanics. Agricultural techniques, abandoned as a result of the Spanish conquest, provided the crop yield, which is three times higher than what is now possible to obtain in Peru using modern methods.

When Plato wrote about Atlantis, his contemporaries, the Greeks sailed on the ship "Alexandria". This giant vessel more than than four feet. Ships, like him, there will be only two thousand years. Pregnancy test is applied Egyptians XVIII dynasty, reappears only in the 1920s. As for Egypt, our modern eminent engineers do not possess the competence to play the Great Pyramid in detail. Of course, with the fall of the ancient civilization lost much more than open to this day.

Moreover, our times — not only when the light appeared ingenious and inventive people. The fact that they were able to create sophisticated technology to other, long-forgotten era, in the other, long-forgotten society, should not exert too much pressure on us.

And if one of those lost eras belongs place known as Atlantis, then we know about it thanks to the work of the most influential philosophers of Western civilization.

Excerpt from Douglas Kenyon "Forbidden History" in 2005 (translated into Russian in 2011)

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