England approved the creation of the modern nuclear submarine

Britain approved the creation of a new nuclear submarineGovernment England elected project, by which to create new strategic nuclear submarines of the last generation, reports Reuters. At the first step of the project will be allocated about 3 billion pounds (4.9 billion dollars). According to the Minister of Defence England Liam Fox, the enacting of new strategic nuclear submarine will allow the country to "maintain nuclear capability right until 2060."

By the time the true England on izderzhala project new submarines 900 million pounds, said The Guardian. These funds were spent on the development of the concept of the modern submarine. By the time when the development of submarines is over, according to Fox, applets price will rise to 25 billion pounds. As expected, the main armament of promising ballistic missile submarines remain Trident II. At the current time, these missiles are used on submarines of class "Vanguard" Navy England.

On the new submarines will be established new water-cooled nuclear reactors, known as PWR-3 (Pressurised Water Reactor 3). Other details of the upcoming project so far unidentified. It is not clear, and the number of submarines, which wants to build England. Promising Premier League will have to change the outdated four strategic submarines of class "Vanguard", "Vanguard", "VICTORIOS", "Vigilant" and "Vendzheans" capable of up to 16 Trident II missiles either.

Earlier it was reported that the promising British submarines will be located 12 mines for ballistic missiles. According to the former Prime Minister England Gordon Brown, the submarines from 12 mines would be pretty to please the requirements of the Navy. As expected, the first brand-new nuclear submarine will join the Navy England in 2024.

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