England launched a Russian ship with helicopters to Syria

Britain launched a Russian ship with helicopters to Syria

British authorities have taken under close observation Russian freighter which, According to some media reports, followed by Syria with the party combat helicopters Mi-25.

The British were forced ship exchange rate, and are intended to be heading back to Russia. But according to experts, the shipowner may still try to fool the international observers and to fulfill the order for the supply of military goods, if indeed there is on board.

British insurance company Standard Club has terminated the contract with the Russian shipowner GC "Femke" on the insurance service of the vessel MV Alaed ("Alaid") As, in general, and other dry bulk companies, reports The Telegraph.

"We have received information that on board"Alaid"Fri purpose of which is Syria is arming. We informed the shipowner on the termination of the contract of insurance act," — said in a statement the insurer. In general, as of the morning of June 19, "Alaid" is still listed among the objects of insurance Standard Club.

Recently the British press reported that the United States are trying to persuade Britain to suspend "Alaid" which sent, according to the Department, to the shores of Syria with a party of helicopters.

The grounds for termination of the contract of insurance was to be introduced by the EU embargo on the export and delivery of weapons to Syria, which also includes a provision prohibiting the insurance of such shipments. A long time to persuade the British, apparently, did not have: the other day, "Alaid," writes The Telegraph, was stopped off the coast of Scotland. On board are the Mi-25 helicopters, known as "flying tanks", the newspaper said. These helicopters are meant to have been sold to Syria during the Soviet era, not so long ago they passed warranty in.

It is expected that, deprived of insurance and, therefore, having no ability to legally enter into any port, "Alaid" will come back directly to Russia.

"We have a lot of abilities to monitor the movements of the ship — they say sources in the leadership of England. — And we want him to watch."

Russian Foreign Ministry earlier said that Russia supplies to Damascus only means of defense, and only within the treaties of old times. New comments from the Russian authorities have not yet received.

Exceptions are made only spokesman for Russian President Dmitry Peskov, who said that "Our homeland does not implement Syria helicopters and does not deliver." It is, in general, did not dwell on the controversy surrounding "Alaid." With all of this, talking about helicopters repaired, Peskov added that the question of an old car, that "a few pieces."

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