England will review 900 military projects

UK will review the 900 military projectsThe Ministry of Defence of England wants to renegotiate or cancel up to 900 military projects, reports Jane's. Revision of the projects will be carried out within the framework of Short-term programs from cuts in military spending, which will end in April 2011. According to preliminary estimates, due to the revision of the Department of Defense will save up to 2-billion pounds (3.23 billion dollars).

On what specific projects it is not specified. Said programm will be implemented as part of the latest national security strategy, which was announced by the Government of England, October 19, 2010. The main purpose of the document is to reduce the defense budget by eight percent in the coming four years. A reduction has got some military programs. Namely, the government refused to adopting a reconnaissance aircraft Nimrod MRA4, also significantly reduced the programs from adopting helicopters, transport aircraft, aircraft carriers and strategic ballistic missiles.

According to the newcomer to the document, the first of the 2-promising aircraft carriers being built in England — "Queen Elizabeth" — will be introduced to the fleet in 2016 for three years and will be used as a helicopter carrier. At the end of this period, the ship will be mothballed or sold. 2nd aircraft carrier — "Prince of Wales" — will come into operation in 2018 and for two years, until the UK fighter F-35, will not have their air group and will take on board the aircraft of American and French Navy.

In general, the British government wants to streamline expenditure of the Ministry of Defence to reduce the lack of a military budget that in the coming 10 years will amount to 38 billion pounds, also reduce the cost of the municipal budget by 10-20 percent in the coming four years. Earlier it was reported that the cost savings will be satisfied by implementing redundant military equipment. Namely, England plans to sell fighters BAE Harrier, write-offs will begin in 2011.

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