Ghosts appear after earthquakes

In Japan, the cases of the appearance of ghosts in the Tohoku region, was particularly hard hit by the earthquake and tsunami last spring. In this connection, the builders refuse to continue work on the restoration of facilities and thus frustrate all planned earlier schedules.

Taxi drivers do not want to carry the ghostly passengers

Numerous reports of the appearance of ghosts coming in, particularly from Isimonaki city in Miyagi prefecture, killing 4,000 people — a fifth of all the victims of the terrible tragedy.

Builders say the appearance of a fully restored or reconstructed facilities spirits of the dead bad omen. And it is not just some ancient superstitions. Many of the workers after a meeting with the ghosts really very sick. And they are still healthy colleagues believe that also picked up "infection."

"I heard that the workers engaged in repair supermarket, suddenly fell ill unknown disease — told AFP news agency the 64-year old local resident Satoshi Abe. — And did the ghosts of the victims, who are dissatisfied with something. People were dying around here, and the city is full of these stories. "

The taxi driver, who did not wish to be named, added to the above that now never stops in certain areas Isimonaki most affected after the earthquake and tsunami, fearing that there in his car as a passenger sits one of the ghosts.

Another city resident says that many times with my own eyes saw the ghostly lines of people on their way to the hills in search of salvation from the tsunami and then evaporates into the air. (Indeed, a year ago, thousands of people tried to escape to the hills, but have not had time to get there).

Similar phenomena are fixed today and the largest city in the Tohoku region — Sendai, also hit by the tsunami. Many local residents have reported here about big eyes that appear in the puddles of water, and people walking on the surface of the ocean.

Others say that they regularly visit the ghosts of missing family members who ask relatives found their bodies and buried properly.

But ghosts in Sendai not only involved solely "own" business, without respect to living. Sometimes they still exhibit excessive activity, which does not like the citizens.

In particular, the elderly couple who had lost after the devastating natural disaster comfortable home and now lives in a temporary hut on the outskirts of Sendai, recently arrived from the local Buddhist temple.

Temple priest Mizuki Nakamura wife admitted that they could not remain long in his house, because most real supernatural phenomena occurring there, pretty much act on their psyche.

"The house is always audible steps, whisper, moan, — the man — someone knocks on the walls, and the chairs and table move themselves from place to place!"

Mizuki Nakamura in local media admitted that such stories of his parishioners often listens and tries all, of their ability to help, spending in housing appropriate rituals aimed at driving the dead.

The "natural" side effect

Scientists traditionalists who are well known to readers of the "anomalous news" in the paranormal and other world do not believe what is happening now is called the Tohoku region "natural" side effect of a large-scale tragedy that destroyed a large part of society, "a part of the healing process" .

"Most people are very hard to die, they are inclined by nature to superstition and have no scientific mind — explains cultural anthropologist Takeo Funabiki. — Sudden death — always abnormal. It is very different from the death in bed of old age. And it's hard for people to understand and accept.

Therefore, in situations where death is difficult to accept, they can come up with an explanation for what has happened and to see ghosts where there are none. "

"Pent-up emotions, in the end, find expression in the other world, and this is, by and large, there is nothing abnormal — continues psychological attack on the" eyewitness ghost "Koji Ikeda, therapist and teacher Academy of Counsellors, Japan. — Emotions somehow must be expressed in order to enable people to adapt to the new reality and to move forward with their grief. "

"They are asking us to find them and buried!"

The idea of Japanese colleagues strongly support the Chilean experts are now also trying to convince his countrymen suffered two years ago from one of the largest earthquakes in Chile for the past half-century that the visions they allegedly watched, in fact — but hallucinations that generates brain to help the human body to more easily survive a terrible tragedy.

Most of the natural disaster, which occurred February 27, 2010, suffered Constitucion city, located in the Maule. And it is from his regular reports from local residents about the strange screaming in the night, ghostly shadows crossing the dilapidated bridge earthquake Cardenal Raul Silva Henriquez Bridge, children's cries for help, comes out of the forest near the campsite Curanipe, which killed dozens of women and their children .

"This is terrible and unbearable — almost every night to hear from the woods screaming and crying children that we can not help" — lamenting lost in the earthquake sister Magdalena Rodriguez, the owner of the store located near the campsite.

"This — the ghosts of people who died here — continues builder Juan Morales Morales, busy on rebuilding the bridge Constitucion Bridge. — They are asking us to find them and buried. Hundreds of people died here, and only ten are interred under the provisions of the rites. "

In turn, Ricardo Figueroa, a Chilean expert in the field of natural disasters from Catholic University Hospital, following in line with the allegations voiced by the Japanese Takeo Funabiki and Koji Ikeda, explaining "auditory and visual hallucinations" dozens of witnesses, adds his account: "In situations of sudden and massive death of the population is quite natural for people living in the place of the tragedy, to report on the events that can be described, in quotes, as supernatural. But this — a normal phenomenon, which always occurs after a disaster. "

Figueroa's hard to argue with. Indeed, statistics show that after the earthquakes in a given region "curve madness" locals sharply. In order to "get over it" and "survivors", the survivors have to start to see what, in the opinion of "experts" can not be.

So, after the earthquake of September 4, 2010 in the New Zealand city of Christchurch, paranormal activity in the area, according to researchers from the society Christchurch Paranormal, doubled.

Immediately after the tragedy anomalschikam began receiving calls from worried citizens who felt at home the presence of something beyond, heard strange sounds and even fought off the attackers are ghosts!

"People call us and say they have faced in the past with various paranormal, but after the earthquake, these phenomena have become more intense," — explained the situation head Christchurch Paranormal Anton Heyrik.

In particular, many people began to receive on their mobile phones strange SMS-ki, come and find out how experts from numbers that are at least in "our world" does not exist!

Several of these SMS-ca signed dead students Language School The King's Education language, which was completely destroyed in the disaster and buried under their rubble dozens of young people who have come to New Zealand to study from Japan, China, the Philippines, Thailand, Saudi Arabia , Taiwan and Korea.

When the "wake up" the dead

And now the ghosts that appear after various natural disasters, and that the "experts" are called "the fevered imagination of the mind", we turn to the so-called living dead!

According to parapsychologists, after all the earthquakes in the cemeteries always find at least one kill, somehow "got out" from the grave. That is, the burial itself is not destroyed, and there are no cracks in the surrounding soil.

Seismologists explain this so: that when tremors throws dead from their graves. But why then does not throw boulders out of the ground, cables, various engineering works?

Do tectonic processes in the Earth's crust, are certain "signal" only to "recover" the dead?

That's what the case was registered in September 2009 after a strong earthquake with magnitude of 7 points in Macedonia. In mountainous forest near one of the villages near the town of Debar locals started from time to time to meet the dead! They did not pay attention to the people and act like the Haitian zombies. Naturally, the local farmers have come to the indescribable horror.

Having determined that the district formed a kind of anomalous zone, the government declared it a closed area and were forbidden in the "enchanted" forest for mushrooms and berries. But when the tectonic processes in the region subsided, "ghosts" of the forest disappeared.

However, in addition there are earthquakes and other natural factors that trigger mechanism "revival." Meteorites falling on the Earth every day, in some way affect it and also sometimes cause in its interior and atmosphere unexplained scientifically processes.

The following story, done at the time a lot of noise, occurred in the Austrian province of Styria and started with the fact that the lake located two miles from the village cemetery, a large meteorite fell.

Soon after the beginning of the land to the cemetery knoll, and climbed out of their graves … dead! A total of two hundred corpses rising from their graves, and silently passed through the nearby village.

Witnessed this fantastic action were 60 local residents who said they have seen with their own eyes the dead a few years ago friends and family that have passed through the village and disappeared in the lake to the west of Brook.

Subsequently, the accident could have been presented as another newspaper "duck", if not a statement of the special commission, whose members, visiting the famous cemetery, confirmed that two hundred dead indeed disappeared from their graves.

"I do not understand what happened — said police captain Walter Moser reporters in Vienna. — We spoke with all the witnesses. Their testimony was the same. They argue that the large, bright meteor fell from the sky during a meteor shower in the lake on the east side of the village. Fifteen minutes later, the cemetery on the west side of the village was deserted — men, women, and children, who were buried there, entered the village. This must be some kind of hoax. It's not like the truth. "

A villager George Graber, describing the appearance of the village street of his wife, who died earlier this year, was sobbing. "It was like a clumsy mummy — he told me through tears. — When I suddenly saw all these dead men, belonging to the village, I thought I was losing my mind. There were bodies that were in various stages of decomposition. Their clothes become rotten rags, and they shuffled like zombies. Seeing my wife, I cried. But she did not even notice me. None of them noticed me. They just went, until we reached the lake, where a meteorite fell. Then they disappeared into the water, just disappeared. "

Unfortunately, the subsequent search of the dead amazing incident to no avail, the police with the help of special devices trawl the entire lake, but found no human remains. They disappeared without a trace …

Experts in the field of paranormal phenomena perceived message of "walking dead" as a matter of course. Austrian researcher M. Kainz, who participated in the investigation of the phenomenon, as additional evidence cited eyewitnesses who observed a similar phenomenon in India.

There's got 500 dead from their graves after a couple of meteorites hit the ground a few miles from the cemetery. Authorities interviewed hundreds of witnesses who saw how the dead passed through the village to the forest and disappeared into it. But no one found a trace of them.

Another similar case was recorded in the Indian village, lost in the Brazilian jungle.

M. Kainz admitted that he could not explain the origin of these phenomena, and put forward a version that large meteorites crashing into the ground, have a strange effect on the dead …

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