Grodno signatures for countryman — Yaroslav Romanchuk

In Grodno for nominating a candidate for the presidential elections Yaroslav Romanchuk collected about four thousand signatures. The head of the regional branch of the United Civil Party Yury Istomin himself involved in a street picket. According to him, the candidate of the United Civil Party of the Grodno region have signed up about six thousand people.

Yury Istomin reminds passers-by on the pedestrian street Soviet, who became interested in portraits Yaroslav Romanchuk, that he — countryman, born near Grodno. But, as a rule, to those who came up with the passport to put your signature, it is not so important: they just want a new president. For Romanchuk in Grodno collect signatures sometimes two or three pickets at the same time in such public places as the Soviet area and the railway station. Were also held on the central market, says the head of the regional organization of the United Civil Party, and ninety percent of entrepreneurs put their signatures to Romanchuk.


Elections 2010

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