Hot summer 2010 in Moscow will not happen again — MES

"Hot Summer" in 2010 in the suburbs does not happen again - MES

Even in the event of aggravation of forest and peat fires in the Moscow region repetition of "hot summer" of 2010 is unlikely, as preparation for the fire season in better times, the director of the Department of Territorial Policy MES of Russia, Colonel General Yuri Kovalev.

Heat wave and drought, which were established in the European part of Russia in the summer of 2010, led to a strong natural fires. In Moscow regime was introduced emergency, fire injuring five settlements, 11 people were killed, 400 people were injured. However, over the fire-dangerous period in 2011 the number of wildfires decreased by approximately four-fold, to 588.

"Sami fires can repeat them but a completely different attitude to this problem," — Kovalev said on Wednesday after a meeting of the interdepartmental committee in Yegorievsk.

He recalled that last year, Moscow was the only subject where wildfires stewed daily occurrence and detection.

"And the fire fighters and the FFA for Moscow and the Moscow region draw conclusions," — said Kovalev.

He added that now the firefighters and officers of the Forest bother May Day, when traditionally expected exodus of people to nature.

Kovalev also ordered to enter the volunteer members of the operational headquarters and give them specific tasks. This, in his opinion, will make the work more effective volunteer.

You also need to engage with Air Club, Moscow region, said Kovalev.

"To them, fulfilling their combat tasks or resting in the sky, watching the fire situation," — he explained.

He noted that great attention should be paid to information outreach. Each resident must know the phone number for which it may report an outbreak of forest fires. Information banners must be installed on roads, special focus must be on federal highways.

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