In the U.S., the rescuer was fired for the salvation of man

Lifeguard of the U.S. state of Florida, Thomas Lopez lost his job, saving the life of a man. The last drowning in the area, outside the area of responsibility of a particular employee beach. Other campers were able to get him to shore and rescue gave him first aid, and thus actually saved the life of a man.

Thomas Lopez, life:

"If I see someone in danger, and I will be able to help him, I help him. And I absolutely do not care about all these issues of jurisdiction and other nonsense. "

In solidarity with Thomas Lopez went to work two more of his colleagues. The young man became a lifeguard just four months ago. One hour of his duty was worth 8.25 dollars.

Recall, as we reported earlier, such cases in the U.S. is not a state of emergency, it is rather commonplace.

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