Kiev fights with sleet

The end and the beginning of the year were marked by heavy snowfall in Russia. Ukraine also has not been without the vagaries of nature. So, last week in Kiev in sub-zero temperatures was a real downpour, and the great city of almost a thousand square miles turned into a mass of ice skating. Despite the efforts of public services, aimed primarily at ensuring the smooth operation of public transport workers are not coped with the task to ensure the safety of life of Kiev.
According to Inform Agency "Free Press" Head of Kyiv City State Administration Oleksandr Popov extremely displeased with public utilities. Despite the holding of a workshop to the organization of work for the prevention and control of icy weather, the results of the measures taken are extremely unsatisfactory. There was a question about his position under the three heads of district administrations of the city, and the fate of firing four executives housing organizations already sealed.
These strict measures are well founded, as recently as January 2 of this year, from black ice affected 346 people, including 17 children. Although it is — only those who asked for help from health care providers. The real figure was much higher. A little while earlier, 49, from Kiev died of icy boulders fallen from the roof of her house. Doctors long fought for a woman's life, but numerous internal injuries, a broken spine, bruised chest and heart were incompatible with life.
Sad experience has shown, the presence of the negligence and irresponsibility of urban services to their duties. The question remains why the management has to think about tightening control only after the unfortunate incident.

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