Kuzbass Bigfoot found brothers worldwide

November 10, 2011 12:42

Sections of hair found in October 2011 in a cave in southern Azasskoy Kemerovo region, compared with the samples of hair of different animals, and then — with the alleged fragments of wool snowmen found in California, in the Urals and in the Leningrad region.

"It is difficult, though, but well-proven and reliable method. First held spray, struck precious metal — silver, looked different slices. Scanning electron microscope allows three-dimensional image, and thus can be compared to hair different species, "- says Valentin Sapunov.

Academician also added that the hairs of the cave were Azasskoy hair-like Bigfoot found in other places of the earth. "We received the morphological similarity between the hairs, in all four samples — the same structure of the hair," — he said.

Valentin Sapunov awaiting the results of similar studies Kuzbass yeti hair to be held in research centers in Moscow and Boise State, the newspaper said, "Honestly."

Bigfoot (Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Bigfoot, enzhey English. Bigfoot) — legendary humanoid creature that supposedly met in different mountainous or forested areas of the Earth.

Its existence is approved by many enthusiasts, but to date has not been confirmed. It is believed that this relic hominid, that is a mammal belonging to the order of primates, and old people, extant since prehistoric times

Bigfoot has become a brand Mountain Shoria. Thus, in the museum of ethnography and natural open exhibition dedicated to Bigfoot. Local craftsmen have released a series of gifts with a portrait of the Yeti.

And in the district center and the ski village Tashtagol Sheregesh installed dozens of wooden and snow sculptures hominid. In addition, the Mountain Shoria a new national holiday — the Day of the yeti, which is celebrated every year, on the opening day of ski season.

For two and a half years since the discovery of the Kuzbass Bigfoot, get enough information about it: scientific research, photo and video materials, numerous expeditions.

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