Michalevic not allowed in the hostel where he lived Lukashenko

A potential candidate for the presidency twice Ales Mikhalevich not allowed in the hostel number 1 Mogilev State University named Kuleshov. In his student years he lived here, Alexander Lukashenko.

As the "Radio Liberty" Mikhalevich, vahtersha argued the ban order of his superiors. However, she refused to submit and order, and mention the name of the one who issued it:

"As I understand it, there is a ban on entry into the hostel collector of signatures. And it makes me outrage, because in case violated the election law. This can be explained by the fact that the students are deprived of information about the candidates for the presidency. Thus, the guide has the situation under control. "

By Ales Mikhalevich, after the scandal guide boarding agreed to ensure that it remained in the lobby of a collector of signatures. Despite this concession, the politician has submitted to the Lenin Election Commission Mogilev complaint with the phrase "Fighting petition. "



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