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Today — World Day for human habitation, as well as the fauna and flora.

Several new large-scale projects implemented in Belarus now, are of great concern to environmentalists and the public. First of all, the construction of nuclear power plants and meliyaratsyya Polesie. New information about these settings serving regional correspondent of "Freedom."

Grodno region

Ostrovetskaya NPP site is ready, but do not know what will happen next …

Director of NPP construction Ostrovetskaya Mikhail Filimonov, in his office.

At the site Ostrovetskaya nuclear plant continue preparatory work, the truth, no one can not yet say with certainty when they start to build the station itself.

Arriving on the scene in nuclear plant Astravets, first of all I visited the Directorate, which is located in one of the two already built houses for employees of the station. While these homes are prykamandyravanyya builders from different cities of Belarus.

Director of Construction Mikhail Filimonov on issues related to the construction of the station, advised me to go to the press service of the Ministry of Energy, however, did say that work is underway to prepare the site itself for power plant construction.

And here I am at the site of the village of Strip, it has paved a new asphalt road. It can be seen as a drive dump trucks, bulldozers and excavators are working. With me local human rights Kruk andNicholas Ulasevich. They are surprised that the work is carried out fairly rapidly.

Passport object on the construction site Ostrovetskaya plant.

Nicholas Ulasevich says that apart from the base in the summer of mechanization, which is in front of us, there was nothing.

Ulasevich"I see that there are quite a lot of equipment: bulldozers rapidly corrected the site for the future construction of the station. One could almost say that work is underway to prepare for the construction of the object. "

Kruk surprise adds that the station was originally planned to build about 4 kilometers away, on the site of an alternate aerodrome.

Crook"At this point, there were fields, planted here and there near the woods were Catholic Cemetery. People say that on October 15 should come here Lukashenko to yourself to see how work is underway. "

Kruk and Nicholas Ulasevich — Ostrovetsky activists opposing the construction of nuclear power plant at the site, where there will be a future station.

I went up to the driver of MAZ, which carries sand and then specify, or build a station here?

Mr."Yes, probably here. Well, here we equate the area. "

Reporter"A dog houses for what cost?".

Mr."Yes we're having lunch, rest, here are well fed."

Module buildings for construction workers at the site, where preparation for the construction of the station.

Reporter"And earnings?"

Mr."Somewhere million four, working up to 12 hours."

ReporterThe contest "Ostrovetsky whether there somewhere else?"

Mr."Not here of Zhodino, Brest, Mogilev, everywhere …".

We were approached by construction foreman, but to know that I'm with Radio Liberty, said reluctantly. Yet I ask: when will start to build the station itself?

Mr."I do not know, my job is to build high quality, and decide whether the plant here — not my business. It will be said to build, will build, but no — I'll go to another site. "

Opposite the construction site, just across the road — a small village beaver, I address here. People plow a field.

Villagers beaver, which is across the road from the building, do not pay attention to the fact that they are preparing a site for the station, they have more pressing concerns …

Conversation and ask what they know about the construction.

An elderly man"As long as no one says anything, but if they have already done the road, we are no longer able to change something."

Mrs."No one came and we did not say anything …"

The young gentleman asked, did not try to get a job, where they build a platform.

Mr."I have tried asking, but do not take …"

Reporter"What say?"

Mr.: They said, "Wait. I myself just returned after the army … . "

Across the street I see more cranes, people say that there are building the railway. And talking with the builders.

Mr."Building a railway viaduct across Astraviec at a nuclear power plant."

Reporter"And a lot of bridges built?"

Mr."Here are two bridges and a viaduct, but they are closer to Astravets."

Construction of the railway overpass near the village of beaver, which stretches to the plant site.

And no more specifics. The only thing that could clarify exactly in the administration of the station — it does not work and did not work the former chairman of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee Vladimir Savchenko, although information about it appeared in state media. This is to me the director of construction Mikhail Filimonov.


Thousands of acres of new land reclamation

At least three thousand hectares of natural Stolin district in Brest later this year will be transferred to the category of selgasugoddyav and pastures. It is now the greatest amount of land reclamation in Belarus. Moreover, all this work is financed from the state budget.

According to the State Program of 2011-2015 in the Stolin district will put into operation about 14 thousand hectares of new land. According to the management company Stolinsky drainage systems work will not threaten human settlements, and the only benefit to agriculture. Now meliyaratsyya already begun, and work is underway, officials noted PMS:

"By the end of the year plans to introduce in the SEC Ruble 1075 hectares. Next Velemichi SEC by the end of the year — 600 hectares, and the SPC Poles'e MBP will be put into operation about 1200 acres. "

The funds are allocated from the state budget. As long as there are no interruptions. But for the villagers Rubel some inconvenience due to land reclamation has already been created. The village was literally cut off from the forest, said a local resident:

"The disadvantage is that people can not actually get into the woods. Now just a season of firewood in the forest. Many are sent to the berries and mushrooms. Well, that although close to the villages there are no jobs. "

Agricultural economist, ecologist from Pinsk Vitaly Karatysh notes that public officials are understood interests above the safety of residents
. Errors in the environment do not want to admit it. Drained swamps are now, according to Vitaly, wetlands, which can not now be used. A large area of drained wetlands grass now grows only:

The effectiveness of reclamation under question.

"Part of the land that were higher until used in the rotation. But the low lands, even after the rains vymakayuts. On the moors, there are always problems. The effectiveness of reclamation under question. Therefore, I believe it is not necessary to make new attack on nature. Why not use what is? It would be advisable. "

According to the economist, the new meliyaratsyya only temporarily bring some success, but they are very questionable. Few analyzes the consequences:

"The consequences will bring only harm the environment. Thus the already destroyed Woodland nature will suffer even more. "

Virtually all Poles'e now suffers from the fact that for environmental improvement is not enough money. But it is essential, says ecologist from Pinsk Alexei Dubrovsky. Among other things, an ecologist watching a number of problems in the use of peat in Polessie:

"Until now, some of the drained marshes used for pasture, but it is prohibited under the Ministry of Environment and the Council of Ministers. Among other things, often observe and dust storms. In April, in any case you can not carry out work on the moors. But in general, to date, many of the fields just abandoned. "


In the forests Slavgaradchyny growing levels of radiation

A resident of Slavgorod Valery Wasilewski been trying to draw attention to the problem of radiation nevtylizavanaga soil in the area. A former employee of the specialized enterprise "Radon" states that in order to save fuel davozili ground is not the burial ground, and left in the woods.

Valeria Wasilewski was fired from "Radon" in 2002. As he says, with the evidence against the head. To it in 2001 brought a criminal case and accused of forgery and postscript. Wasilewski investigator said that the radiation leaving the soil in the forest, not davozyachy fifty kilometers to the cemetery. Later these facts confirmed the administration in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster Executive Committee:

"There noted that drivers who took out ground radiation in the forest village Alexandrovka punished administratively. Our area is generally the most polluted this. It was ten curies, and this year was increased to 15. So, we live in a radiation. Well, chase a little bit — do not give to pick mushrooms and berries. However, there would be desirable. "

The soil should be taken out of the point "A" to point "B", and if the intermediate point is taken out, there is a saving of diesel fuel.

How many forests Slavgaradchyny NOT davezenaga the burial ground of the radiation debris Valery Wasilewski knows. It is however ready to show he knew the place. One of them, near the village of Khodareva.

"There are emptied into the woods. Near sown collective field. And then just a village. There's people go. Mushrooms collected. The forest is harvested. Firewood. "

The villagers were going to resettle Khodareva once. Then changed their minds. It lives 38 people. Most retirees. Lives and one large family. Now the background radiation in the village raised, acknowledged in Gizhenskim village council. About an unauthorized landfill near the village selsovetchikov not know.

The other day I saw this dump Mogilev human rights activist Vladimir Kravchenko. Here are his thoughts:

"The soil must be taken out of the point" A "to point" B ", and if the intermediate point is taken out, there is a saving of diesel fuel. And for the sake of saving radiation scatter soil over the neighborhood. "

The criminal case, in which the story of the radiation Slavgorodskiy ground started, ended in a stalemate. It was closed because it could not find the offense. Officials find no hard and unauthorized dumps "In unsubscribe try not to mention them at all," — said Valery Wasilewski.


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