Popov: Legislators need to act with a cold and ostyvshimi brains

Head of Budget and Finance Committee of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly Vadim Popov, commenting on the statement of the State Duma of the Russian situation in Belarusian-Russian relations, advised the Russian deputies to act "with the cold and ostyvshimi brains", "Interfax-West".

"I would not want them to stand on one platform and give them a rating. We in Parliament at anything like this do not do, "said Vadim Popov.

He also said: "Definitely, that the statement of the State Duma and its discussion will not contribute to the normalization of the situation." "On the contrary, in this environment will be the ones who will add fuel to the fire. Would not like to be called personality, but I know them all. "


Russia, the power

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