Roselektronika plans in 2020 to take over 50% of the market

JSC "Russian electronics", which will build three basic introduction of LEDs in the center of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Tomsk, plans in 2020 to take over half of the Russian market of lighting products, said on Wednesday the head of project management of Fedor Boyarkov.

Holding company "Russian electronics" was formed in early 2009 on the basis of the state holding "Russian Electronics".
Currently, Open Joint Stock Company "Russian Electronics", as a holding and management company, will consolidate the potential of some 80 enterprises of electronic industry.
The company specializes in the design and manufacture of electronic products, electronic materials and equipment for their production, as well as microwave technology, semiconductor devices and materials.

"We are planning to take in 2020 65% of the market street lighting. With regard to domestic lighting, the LED's life is almost not present, it is planned to occupy a niche not less than 50% ", — said Boyarkov.

He noted that the technology of LEDs is quite complex, and more than anywhere else in the Russian construction of LED production is planned. According Boyarkova, the company plans to produce during the project (5 years), more than two billion pieces of LEDs and more than six million LED lighting devices.

In addition, Boyarkov said that the volume of investments in the center of three basic introduction of LEDs is about 20 billion rubles. Of these, 18 billion will be made available under the credit facility Vnesheconombank, the others — the company's funds.

"The volume of investments in the Tomsk plant LED lamps complete cycle are 7, 5 billion rubles. Of these, 5.5 billion rubles, we plan to spend on the purchase of equipment. If everything goes as we plan, we will come to build around September of this year ", — said Boyarkov. He added that in 2012 it is planned to put into operation the laboratory and the energy body, and in 2013 — the case of cleaning ammonia.

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