Rostov for six months, has commissioned about 240 kilometers of power transmission lines

For the six months of this year, "Rostovenergo"Put into operation about 240 kilometers of power lines and 16.2 MVA transformer capacity.

In the first half of 2012 as part of the Rostov energy investment of capital investments in the amount of 472.5 million rubles. Over the same period, fixed assets commissioned by 423,200,000 rubles.

Large-scale reconstruction of the network economy south-west of Rostov region. Rostov Energy as part of the investment program carried out a large amount of work on the reconstruction of 0.4-10 kV distribution networks in Neklinovsky and Tatsinsky areas of the Don region.
In particular, the experts of the branch was found 135 complete transformer substations, installed more than 450 miles of self-supporting insulated wire. Of these, the economic way has 16 KTP, installed about 70 km of self-supporting insulated wire (SIW). Also, be prepared to seven technical specifications for design, survey, construction and installation work, as well as for the purchase of material and technical resources.

Also considered a number of proposals on the basis of which a plan of measures and repair and maintenance activities. It includes: replacement of wires, poles overhead, banners wire, load balancing and checking of the actual switching position.

Just to the south-west of Rostov region was reconstructed 159 transformer points 6-10/0, 4 kV, 187 km of overhead lines with a voltage of 6-10 kV and more than 380 km — 0.4 kV.

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