Rostov has decided to celebrate at home

[B] FC "Rostov" could not get out ahead of the Premier League. On the day of the 33 th anniversary of captain Michael Aspen championship leader in the Russian First Division lost in Naberezhnye Chelny "KAMAZ" with a score of 0:1. [/ B] [img =] With this guide Rostov club are unhappy with a "strange" refereeing Maxim Layushkina who appointed several penalty against KAMAZ Dmitry Yashin. "They felt hopelessness. All this reminds me of the 90s "- said after the match, head coach of the" Rostov "Oleg Dolmatov, while refusing to comment on the judge's actions. [Cut] «Rostov" suffered only their second defeat in the championship. Previously, the team of Oleg Dolmatova lost in his field, "Siberia." With high probability, increase in class Rostovites de jure held October 14 in the home match with "Alan", where the yellow-blue enough to tie. A "KAMAZ" in the meantime continued to fight for the second start in the Premier League. In fact, this victory was the players of Tartary is much more important than the Southerners cherished point. The "Rostov" six more matches ahead to his score, "KAMAZ" it is necessary to win every game to catch up and overtake "Kuban". Krasnodar on Wednesday in the 38th round defeated in his field, the Irkutsk "stars" of 5-0 and continue to stay ahead of "KAMAZ" on six points (both teams have to spend another five matches). In the match with Irkutsk citizens who actually went to check out the youth team because of lack of funds, a game of "Kuban" new head coach Oleg Protasov directed from the bench, as literally on Wednesday it had to say. But the "Ural", having suffered a second defeat in a row guest, this time from the SKA Rostov, from the fight for promotion to the grade actually dropped. On Wednesday became known as the second team, which won the zonal tournament in the second division in 2009, will play in the first division. This Nizhny Novgorod "Volga", led by former coach "Torpedo" Sergei Petrenko. For four rounds to finish Nizhny Novgorod, beating "Chemist" from Dzerzhinsk, have become inaccessible for the pursuer — orenburzhskogo "Gazovik". "Gold" scored top scorer Volzhan 21-year-old striker Stanislav Prokofiev, for which the ball is in the 14th season. On Sunday, the players "KAMAZ" without any problems dealt with the underdog tournament Bryansk "Dynamo", but even this victory left chelnintsy low chances of second place. Too well on the standings main competitor of Krasnodar. And the last exit "KAMAZ" brought some disappointment — a draw with Torpedovtsy and a major defeat in Kaliningrad. In order to break the resistance of the Bryansk players mentor "KAMAZ" Yuri Gazzayev had in the second half on the urgent issue of his top scorer Gognieva Spartacus, who brought two goals and three points. It is not surprising that in a match with "Rostov" Gazzaev Gognieva released from the first minute, but even in the reserve was not Malawian Isa Kanenda. In addition, two changes made in the defensive line, "KAMAZ". In stock went full-backs Kachan (he scored one of the goals against Bryansk "Dynamo") and Utitskih, which replaced Mikhail Rytov and Dmitry Grachev. In this case, the flank had to shift the team captain Andrew Sidyaevu. Returned to the first team as midfielders Todorovic, Perov, and the guard, who in the game with the underdog Gazzaev likely given the opportunity to take a breath. As for the "Rostov", the birthday of his team captain Oleg Dolmatov Aspen did not change the winning composition, which is extracted three points in Ulyanovsk. And indeed in the second round of the championship leader composition stabilized and modified except in cases of injuries or suspensions. For this summer, though, in Rostov-on-Don had to part with 11 players and nine new invite. Of which regularly take to the pitch in the first team Denisov, Circassian, Hong Yong-Jo, Akimov, Slivich and Gatskan. The importance of the match in Naberezhnye Chelny further emphasize and judicial appointment. The chief arbiter was the strictest referee Premier League Muscovite Maxim Layushkin. The first 20 minutes went to investigate. While teams are well aware of each other, starting the excitement inherent and experienced players. The game was no gate, with numerous inaccurate canopies, when the ball is usually easy prey Yashin or Gerus. The first decent punch marked Sitting, but a free kick sent the ball into the "wall". In response is not entirely successful "standard" used another captain — aspen. After 27 minutes, finally created the first scoring chance, the efforts of the Serbs, however, reflected a dangerous blow Gerus Branimir Petrovic after the transfer of Ivan Todorovic. But Rostov goalkeeper was powerless when in a couple of minutes on the right wing played great Skorohodov Denis, who beat an experienced Circassian, and after his head canopy opened by Anton Kobyalko. "Rostov" rushed to the losses, and now beats Hong Yong-Jo, but inaccurate. Dolmatov with the first substitution, a young Denisova replaces veteran Pavel Mogilevsky. But the hosts were not appeased, especially Kobyalko who could have scored a second goal, but just missed. The guests answered another lunge forward from North Korea, which has already been ahead of Yashin and fell, but did not assign Layushkin penalty, warning for arguing with a Gatskana. Finally, at point-blank misses Zivanovic, author of the only goal of the match Rostovites each other in the first round. The second half began active guests, with Dolmatov Slivich replaced by Konstantin Zuev, and now Gatskan powerful shot over the bar. In the middle of the half leaving the field to another and Dmitri Akimov, who was replaced by Mersudin Akhmetovich, Rostov began to play more and more acute. Yashin started to get nervous that reflected the treacherous blow ahead, however, with the impact Akhmetovich hosts goalkeeper handled confidently. Chelnintsy meanwhile replaced goal scorer Kobyalko and conducted counterattacks, but Gerus parried for a corner lunge Petrovich. Gazzaev significantly updated in the composition of these moments on the field there were fresh Romanenko, Pimenov and lumps. But Dolmatov 80 minutes into the match is decided on a desperate step, removing from the field of their leader Mikhail Aspen, appeared on the field rented from the "Rubin" Peter Gitselov. Retired Rostovites success, only to level the score, they could not. The apotheosis of this episode was a nervous match in stoppage time in the penalty "KAMAZ" fell Akhmetovich but Layushkin spotted abuse by Bosnian. Earlier metropolitan referee also had, according to guests every reason to prescribe penalty against Yashin, for which he underwent obstruction. Gatskan "arranged" even before the red card. As for the fight at the bottom of the standings, the home defeat in the 38th round of the Ulyanovsk suffered a "Volga" and "Sportakademklub", and these failures can be fatal. But other clubs who are desperately fighting for the preservation of a place in the first division, won. Particularly offensive players must be "Volga", which in his field yielded a hopeless underdog from Bryansk, and the Dynamo played for an hour in the minority after the removal of Murad Ramazanov. A "students" Constantine Sarsaniya gave direct competitor of Novokuznetsk, conceding the winning goal in the final minute. KAMAZ — Rostov 1:0 Goal: Kobyalko, 30 KAMAZ: Yashin, sitting, Grachev, LOZHKIN, Rytov, Skorohodov (Pimenov, 76), Todorovic, P., Perov (Komkov 73), Gogniev, Kobyalko (Romanenko, 67) Rostov : Gerus, Denisov (Mogilevsky, 35), Zivanovic,
Shtaniuk, Circassian, Kulchiy, aspen (Gitselov, 80), Gatskan, Slivich (Zuev, 54), Ivan (Akhmetovich, 64), Hong Yong-Jo Warnings: Grachev, 53; guard, 64; Pimenov, 82 — Denisov, 31; Gatskan, 41; Slivich, 45; Kulchiy, 69; Zivanovic, 78 Removal: Gatskan, 90 Referee: Layushkin (Moscow) Naberezhnye Chelny. "KAMAZ". 6500 spectators

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