Rostov play with Alan

[B] The press service of the football club reported that tomorrow, "yellow-blue" will be guests in his field of Vladikavkaz. [/ B] [img = / 10/13/120638/football1.jpg] Recall that for the previous meeting with the "KAMAZ" "Rostov" missed an opportunity to get ahead in the Premier League. Now, the football club is actively preparing for the meeting with "Alan". Players involved in the last match held remediation activities, and the rest took part in a full training session. Also, it was reported that in the upcoming match to attend the injured midfielder Maxim Astafev. Now football player broke his toe during a match with the Bryansk "Dynamo", is preparing to enter the field. In this case, the game will not participate Alexander Kulchiy and Hong Yong Jo. Both athletes went to the location of their national teams. Belarus in Minsk on October 15 will take the England and North Korea will meet in Iran.

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