RT-Himkompozit celebrates Chemical Workers

Development of the holding are unique in Russia and abroad

"RT-Himkompozit"marks professional holiday — Day of the chemical industry. Scientists are holding the global level of expertise, and advanced development companies are unique in Russia and abroad.

"The creation of modern composite materials is inextricably linked with the latest developments of our chemists," — said General Director of "RT-Himkompozit" Sergei Sokol.

The collective enterprise of Tver 'VNIISV "only in Russia has developed a strong domestic manufacturing technology and ultra high strength polyethylene fibers for lightweight composites and fiber products for civilian and dual use. By the level of performance products are not inferior to global peers. 

One of the leading Russian scientific centers "GNIICHTEOS" specializes in silicone materials — silicone material of the 21st century, which is used for the needs of the defense industry and space-rocket complexes, as well as in high-tech industries.

The scientists of the Ural enterprise "unih with OZ" designed and produced a unique chemical products — oxygen-free boron compound for nuclear and space industries.

"RT-Himkompozit"— The holding company Rostekhnadzor, which includes businesses and research centers specializing in innovative developments in the field of new materials, unique designs, technologies, and mass production of high technology products for the aerospace, aircraft, military equipment and weapons, land and water transport , energy, chemical industry for many industries.

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