RT-Himkompozit has developed an innovative method of testing of composite materials

Holding company "RT-Himkompozit" developed an advanced method of testing of samples of polymer composite materials (PCM) method of induction heating in air.

Specialist Obninsk enterprise "technology", part of the holding "RT-Himkompozit" P.Yu.Yakushkin developed a new method to bring the heat test conditions to the conditions of their use in cell vysokoteplonagruzhennyh looking aircraft.

Exploitation of structural materials used in the aerospace industry is characterized by rapid heating of the surface to high temperatures. Standard test methods involve lengthy sample heating in furnaces of resistance, with the parameters do not correspond to the real operational conditions. In the course of the research was to determine the most simple and effective way — the method of induction heating. When using it, was made possible rapid heating with maximum accuracy the set parameters. 

"The high scientific potential Holding specialists in the field of basic and applied research to create and implement the technologies of tomorrow," — said General Director of "RT-Himkompozit" Sergei Sokol.

Preceded the introduction of a new method of long-term studies. In laboratory tests, studied the possibility of high heat bonded joints and material on an inorganic binder Hafsa. Experiments showed that the time to test temperature of 1000 ° C is less than a minute.

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