RT-Himkompozit produced composite assemblies for the South Korean rocket Naro

South Korean rocket KSLV-1. Source: RIA Novosti

South Korea last week successfully launched rocket "Naro" (KSLV-1) with composite units, manufactured by the holding "RT-Himkompozit."

Development of missiles "Naro" was conducted in 2002. Since 2004, participated in the development of Russia, in particular, developed the first stage of the launch vehicle KSLV-I, which was created Khrunichev Space Center Khrunichev the active involvement of the Obninsk enterprise "technology", part of the holding "RT-Himkompozit." The first stage of the South Korean rocket was actually a modification of the first stage of a new type of carrier rockets heavy class "Angara".

"Obninskoe company has more than thirty years of experience with carbon-fiber structures for rocket and space technology. And for more than 15 years of successful cooperation with Khrunichev Space Center Khrunichev projects launch vehicle "Proton-M" and "Angara", — said the CEO of the holding company "PT Himkompozit" Sergei Sokol.

Currently Obninskoe company "Technology" mass production and continuously modifies the carbon fiber nose fairing increased size with a diameter of 4 m and an area of more than 30 m2, integral cylindrical compartments, fairings stages and upper stages of launch vehicles.

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