Rusengineering installed equipment under construction at SS 330 kV Zelenogorskaya in the Leningrad region

Ltd. "Rusengineering" is working in the project for the construction of 330 kV Zelenogorsk with VL 330 kV in the Leningrad region. The project customer is a branch of OAO "UES FGC" — MES North-West.


According to the draft, experts Holding "Rusengineering" completed the installation of foundations for the two-phase auto-transformers 330/110 kV with total capacity of 400 MVA and started to perform supervision works. In addition, a 110 kV and 330 kV primary equipment is installed. Carried out the construction of two 330 kV HVL, eight 110 kV overhead line. The work on the construction of supporting facilities — building of substation control, works on dewatering and outside the fence, in the building of the SS are finishing work.

The project is expected to complete the installation and commissioning of 35 kV outdoor switchgear, installation and commissioning of auxiliary boards, SOPT, RZA and PA systems, SCADA, AMR, fiber optic, RF communications, LES.
330 kV substation being built Zelenogorsk with VL 330 kV increase the reliability of electricity supply Resort District of St. Petersburg, the Karelian Isthmus and the city of Zelenogorsk Leningrad region.
"Holding" Rusengineering "started construction of 330 kV Zelenogorsk in 2010. We carry a full range of contract work at the facility, including the supply and installation of primary and secondary equipment on site, construction, installation and commissioning, training, maintenance and warranty facility to operate, — said General Director of "Rusengineering" Sergei Suvorov. — Today, at the site involved more than 90 people, and the production staff of more than 20 units of special equipment. "

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