RusHydro Egorlikskaya completed the construction of HPP-2

The construction Egorlikskaya GES-2 in the Stavropol region, which is part of the branch of JSC "RusHydro" — "Kuban power plant cascade." All four hydroelectric stations with total capacity of 14.2 MW have been integrated and pre-commissioning tests and worked at idle turbine.

Currently hydroelectric number 1 and number 4 are included in the network Commissioning Program and placed under load. The other two hydraulic Egorlikskaya HPP-2 will be included in the network, in accordance with the "Plan of the fence and the distribution of water resources by top-Kuban channels" for the passage of water.

Egorlykskaya HPP-2 is one of the priority projects of JSC "RusHydro" in the North Caucasus. Funding for its construction was carried out by the company's own funds. RusHydro's total investment in the project amounted to about 2 billion rubles. With the new generation of electric power station on the cascade of Kuban power plant will increase by 55 million kW / h

The station is equipped with the most modern hydraulic power and electrical equipment manufactured by enterprises of Russian and foreign energy machine building. Hydraulic turbines are designed and manufactured "Turboatom" (Kharkiv, Ukraine), generators — LLC "Privod" (Perm, Lisva). The station is equipped with modern systems and devices, automatic control system, consisting of process automation, security alarms, as well as measuring and recording the current mode settings.

The implementation of the project "Egorlykskaya HPP-2" will not only make use of the energy potential of the transit flow of water, but also to solve the most important for the region's environmental challenges:

— Buffer to protect the dam reservoir Egorlikskaya plant number 1 and plot river bed. Yegorlyk below this dam from erosion;
— To prevent possible overlap river bed. Yegorlyk landslides volume of about 12 million m3, which could lead to siltation and challenges the normal operation of the reservoir Novotroitsk — Cooler Stavropol TPP;
— To reduce the output of the agricultural use of pasture and arable land;
— Improve the environment and quality of water in the river. Yegorlyk and Novotroickoe reservoir.

The directional flow of water passing through all the waterworks, Egorlikskaya hydroelectric power plant-2 and its overflow dam, reduce the speed and reduce the erosion of river banks. Yegorlyk. Currently, the treatment of the sludge reservoir Novotroitsk have to spend a lot of money from the budget of the Stavropol Territory.

New capacity will increase balance and reliability of the power system of the Stavropol Territory. In addition, a new energy facility creates conditions for further economic development of the region.

Egorlykskaya HPP-2 is located near the village of Levoegorlyksky Izobilnensky area of the Buffer Reservoir, with a capacity of 2.5 million m3. The plant has a total capacity of four hydroelectric 14.2 MW. Depending on the dryness of HPP-2 will be able to generate about 55 million kW / h electric power.

Egorlykskaya HPP-2 for a long time remained an object-protracted. Activation of the construction began in 2005, when the Kuban power plant cascade became part of RusHydro.

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