Rusmolko manned Narovchatsky complex (Penza region).

"Russian dairy company" is fully complemented by its largest cattle farm. Unprecedented in terms of party heifers in 1,600 heads arrived at the dairy complex in Narovchat area in early November. 

  • dairy complex in the area Narovchat
  • dairy complex in the area Narovchat

The company plans to use the pure-bred heifers to improve the genetic potential and further increasing the number of dairy herds. The total number of farms in Narovchatov, taking into account the newly arrived cattle, is today more than 5,000 head.

Importation of livestock was conducted during the period 1 to 11 November, ten parties, this delivery was the largest in the company's history to date. All heifers from the U.S. — Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle. Planned productivity is 8-9 thousand liters of milk per year per head on average in the two — two and a half times higher than that obtained from other dairy breeds. All the cows are in the 3-6 month of pregnancy. The hotel is expected in January — April of the following year.

The originality of the supplies of cattle is that about half of the heifers were inseminated with semen seksirovannym. This innovative technology allows you to get about 85% of heifers, now the figure is 50%. Since all cows arrived — pure-bred Holsteins with a registered pedigree, our specialists are planning to use them for the genetic improvement of herds, increase their own cattle for sale.

The largest supply of 1,600 heads of cattle was significant not only for the company but also for the dairy industry in the region as a whole. In this regard, November 15 Rusmolko visited the Minister of Agriculture of the Penza region, Ivan Firyulin. The company's specialists have provided detailed information on the delivery status of livestock and animals upon arrival at the farm, told the minister about the future plans of the company.

"Company" Rusmolko "actively developing its dairy farming, making a significant contribution to the development of agriculture in the region. Unprecedentedly large supply of dairy cattle breed — one more proof. Arrived party animals will be used for increasing the number of dairy herds and to improve the genetic potential of animals in other farms in the Penza region, "- said the Minister of Agriculture of the Penza region, Ivan Firyulin.

"Our company completes its farm cattle Holstein-Friesian breed in 2010. The advantages of these cows are obvious — more than 9000 liters of milk per year compared to 3.5 million liters of normal Cows. Part peak lactation cows giving more than 50 liters per day. Today we can say that the population of our largest complexes in the Kuznetsk and Narovchatov Holsteins is fully staffed, "- said the head of livestock, LLC" MC "Russian dairy company," Sheng Betzold.


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