Russian State Duma tilted Lukashenko

Belarusian-Russian conflict is entering a new phase of confrontation. Members of the State Duma of Russia issued a statement "about the situation in Russian-Belarusian relations" in connection with the upcoming presidential elections in Belarus. Document stresses incorrect campaign rhetoric of the Belarusian leader, who breaks all the rules of decency. Statement was adopted in unison statements of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who video blog stated that the Belarusian-Russian relations are at an impasse.

The statement claimed that the Belarusian uses the recent "anti-Russian rhetoric" that "is thrust into a general historical destiny of Russian and Belarusian peoples."

MPs expressed support for Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who a few days ago in his video blog, criticized the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. It happened after Lukashenko accused Medvedev environment in the organization of an information campaign against him in the Russian media.

For the adoption of a statement of Deputies voted 380, against — 56 representatives of the Communist Party.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky

The general tone of the discussion asked the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky. According to him, the Belarusian government is trying to do the main enemy of Moscow, and the pre-election campaign of Alexander Lukashenko is based solely on anti-Russian thrusts:

"It behaves very rudely, arrogantly leads, goes for broke. Does he think that all eyes will be closed on election fraud? He honestly can not win. Maximum support — 20%. Well, 30% of the force. More than 50% can not obtain. So here is a railing on his part. And the anti-Russian rhetoric course, we are not happy. "

The initiator of the statement made by the head of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs Alexei Ostrovsky. The project fully supports the position of the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, which he announced on October 3. Medvedev said in a special video message: the relationship between Moscow and Minsk should not be used as a bargaining chip during the presidential campaign in Belarus. MP Ostrovsky developed thought

Alexei Ostrovsky

"If there is some progress — progress is Lukashenko. If there are any cons, punctures, spaces (and them in recent years, more and more), this is Russia, Moscow, Medvedev and Putin personally. Our leaders, however, knowing that we are helping the Belarusians did not respond to such attacks. As for the recent statements by Mr Lukashenko, for me this is no surprise. The collapse of the Belarusian miracle, the collapse of the Belarusian economy, and against this background that Lukashenko wants, as is rightly said Ms. Timakov again enter into a new presidential term. Salaries, pensions are reduced, prices rise by leaps and bounds, and many of my Belarusian friends are increasingly in the kitchens say that Lukashenko "got". Obviously, it is very well aware and knows himself, Alexander G., and he wanted the image of an external enemy. And then there is Moscow. "

Natalia Timakov

Following Dmitry Medvedev head of the Kremlin press service Natalia Timakov clarified that the relationship with the leadership of Belarus reached an impasse and will not be the same as trying to Lukashenko enter a new period for the anti-Russian theme influenced the attitude of managers on a personal level.

The statement of support for Belarus and those Russian politicians who sympathize with the Belarusian authorities. Among other things, the statement said that the rhetoric that is now used by management in Belarus, causes confusion and total rejection of the Russian people. And due to the extremely aggressive behavior of the official Minsk Russian side confirms that Russia builds its relations with the peoples of the post-Soviet states, not the president. That means no one is allowed to assume the right relationship with Russia. Chairman of the International Committee of the State Duma Kosachev believes that Lukashenko himself was involved in a fundamental revision of allied relations:


"The insulting tone, which, unfortunately, has for a long time allows himself President Lukashenko against the Russian leaders would sooner or later get an adequate response. As they say, God is my witness and judge that the patience of the Russian leadership was very lengthy. We have repeatedly allowed Lukashenko (probably, we can now say — unfortunately) to make certain statements, to carry out certain actions, believing that it's some kind of disease development, the growing pains of Belarus as a society, in which President Lukashenko spekulyue . But now it is clear that the issue here is not in any stage of development in Belarus, in the case of personal ambitions Lukashenko, who, sadly, now gone against its own interests of the Belarusian people and went beyond the political and human ethics. "

Russian journalist Vladimir Solovyov, who has long worked on the NTV channel, said information justified "education" Russian citizens who have adopted his colleagues in Russia. In the radio broadcast "Vesti FM», he said that the only way to break the stereotype of Russians on the "fair and reasonable Belarusian Farther." By the way, NTV has finished work on another, the fourth, a film of the series "Godfather" and will show it on Friday:

"It is very strange sound when on October 1 at a press conference for Russian regional media accused the president of Belarus, the Russian government in an attempt to separate him from power. In addition, he compared the media campaign against him with loud resignations Russian governors heavyweights. First, an interesting listing. Thus, Lukashenka is not positioned themselves as the head of an independent state, which is all the more loudly declares the Parliament of Belarus, and as one of the region, besides stararezhymnyh, leaders. But there are laws of historical development. Lukashenko thing of the past. No one is eternal, politically as well. It is strange that Lukashenko can not understand it. And behaves constantly haggling, insulting and being a man, to be honest, already middle-aged — a minimum of indecency. "

Can we expect major changes to Belarus after the current measures of the Russian State Duma? That's what opinion the ex-member of the House of Representatives Sergei Skrabets:

Sergei Skrabets

"The State Duma of Russia in the first place affect the Russian public. But of course, this statement will affect the situation in Belarus. After all, our chain of command, including members of both chambers are closely watching the events that are happening at the neighbors. Perhaps the impact will not be on the outcome of the election itself, but the general mood of our society — is unique. After all, today is quite topical question: do we need a president who can not maintain good relations with our ally? Naturally, the unprecedented phenomenon in itself, since at this level issues between Moscow and Minsk have not yet occurred. Everyone knows that we do not have very good relations with Europe and America, but with this kind of conflict, Russia
has ever had. So there is hope that in our society there will be a long-awaited change. "

Strongly opposed by the faction of the Communist Party. The main argument of the communists was that a hasty decision could have a negative impact on inter-state relations. However, the speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov expressed the belief that the statement is aimed precisely at making back lost connection.


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