Russian Windows» was the first control

Yesterday, the Ministry of Communications has approved the prototype of the national software platform — the operating system that is destined to replace Windows on computers and school officials. Instead of the standard distribution NPP developer — "Penguin Software" offers to make four, one from each of the major Russian Linux-developers

Roman Dorohov

Last night, Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media Ilya Massukh signed certificate of acceptance of the prototype of the national software platform (GMP). With this platform officials expect to eventually achieve budgetary savings going to pay for licenses for computer programs. You can save up to 80% of total spending, or 1.72 trillion rubles. for several years, according to a presentation of the project, which got acquainted "Vedomosti".

For the first time the development of "Russian counterpart Windows» talking summer 2010 officials decided not to reinvent the operating system (OS) from the ground, and to build on, as is usually done around the world, distribution is freely available Linux operating system with the open source community. According to the adopted in October 2010, the state program "Information Society" in 2011-2020. in the first two years of the program, the development of NPP is planned to spend 490 million rubles. The program stipulates that a year after the beginning of its action on a national operating platform should fall 2% of all installations by the Russian computers — without state authorities and local self-government, but at the expense of public institutions and organizations. And in a year — 5%.

Competition for the creation of a prototype NPP at the end of September 2011 the company won the "Penguin Software", owned by the fund NGI, a major shareholder of which is the former Minister of Communications Leonid Reiman. Even in the summer, "Penguin" supported the appeal of the Russian non-profit partnership to promote the development of free software (chant), who opposed the terms of the competition: CRUCIFIED not like a short time to develop the prototype and the idea of creating a single version of SPE. But that did not stop "Penguin" and another participant CRUCIFIED — VNIINS apply to participate in the competition and win it with a proposal to develop a prototype for 5 million rubles. with a starting price competition in 27 million rubles. General Director of "The Penguin" Dmitry Komissarov promised to bring to the development of NPP VNIINS programmers and other companies in the cut.

As required dates of the contest, "Penguin" has handed over documents on a prototype at the end of October. And then another two months the government has taken this documentation — during which time the terms of the "Information Society" was to undergo another competition — to develop until the end of 2011 the distribution of the reference NPP.

The prototype — a "complex subject", explains the expert selection committee Vitaly Lipatov, general director of the St. Petersburg Linux-developer "Etersoft." This is a great project in the test — 73 points and one — "do not press a button", told "Vedomosti" Commissars. According to him, the trial lasted five days, including three days — in the ministry and two more — in remote access. Member of the Commission Lipatov — Architect rival Linux-based system Alt Linux, so that the commission "has not given" penguin "descent of anything," he assures. Lipatov explains that he had remarks to the test method of the prototype, which was offered himself as "Penguin". The project examined several times and returned for revision, said the other day, and the Minister of Communications Igor Shchegolev. But at yesterday's meeting, the commission acknowledged that "Penguin" made corrections on a number of observations, while others found to be insignificant, happy Commissioners.

One of the results of the prototype NPP was the development of the requirements specification for the next competition to create the platform and "Penguin" offered instead of one standard to base the four major Russian distributions — Alt Linux, «MSVSfera", "Red Hat Enterprise Linux" and "Rosa" says Commissioners. "Penguin" demonstrated versions of these distributions are compatible with each other: the program for one of them works in the other. As a result, you should see the fund of algorithms and programs that are compatible for all distributions, and the person who will maintain the fund.

Massukh yesterday told "Vedomosti" that programs for NPP can not write only under Linux: ministries, agencies, and public organizations will actively lease programs over the Internet with cloud services.

This publication is based on the article "The" Russian Windows »was the first control" of the newspaper "Vedomosti" from 28.12.2011, № 246 (3012)

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