Russias population has grown at the expense of workers: Rosstat

Russia's population, according to preliminary data from Rosstat, on January 1, 2013 was 143.3 million. This is stated in the report of Rosstat.

For 2012 the number of people residing in the Russian Federation increased by 292.4 thousand. This increase derived mainly by migrant workers to compensate natural population loss — for the year 2012 were born in Russia 1.896 million people died and more — 1.898 million.

In comparison with 2011 the natural decline of Russia's population decreased by nearly 129,000 people and was the lowest since 1992.

The fact that migrants compensate for natural losses of the Russian population, Rosstat reported in June 2012. Then, according to the first five months of the year, the number of visitors exceeded natural decline by 86 percent.

According to the Federal Migration Service in October 2012, in Russia, there are between three and five million illegal immigrants. In total for the year to come to Russia 10-12 million foreigners, of which at least 70 percent of the citizens of the CIS countries, calculated in FMS.


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