The Kremlin and Lukashenko quarrel: waiting for higher prices

Mr."The war between the Kremlin and Minsk? It's all concerned. This is all reflected in the common people expect higher prices. "

Mr."The Wave. Worries about her. I'm old already, but have children and grandchildren. "

Mrs."Someone profitable this dispute, and they are digging Government Medvedev, Lukashenko — and they quarrel among themselves."

Mr."The war is not something to care about, but do not draw attention to themselves can not. This is something incredible — a radical change of relations between Minsk and the Kremlin. Belarusian dictator, it is beneficial to pierce the internal and external challenges to the enemy, which he found in Russia. "

Mr."This bickering for the benefit of anyone not — neither Belarus nor Russia. Politics — a dirty business. Someone always wants to win over someone. "

Mrs."Let's stay we, Belarusians, worthless. Russians seize all — and will be one president. "

Mr."We know that Russia has all sorts of economic and fuel levers against Belarus. Set the price of gas — $ 250. And not the fact that it does not become more expensive because of the utilities. It has an extra minus a penny the average citizen. I think that is the most beneficial to Alexander Grigoryevich. He can always say that he is such a poor and miserable. "

Mrs."Spit on a stone found — and gas prices rise. And there is no doubt. What is suffering? The deadline will be the common people. Those will not suffer, and we — we will. "

Mr."I see that all the time for some reason we are looking for enemies. That we have some neighbors — the enemies, then others. We must live in peace with its neighbors. It was impossible to such criminals as Bakiyev to take here. I think that the new president will turn to Russia. "

Mr."Very worried as Russia, like it or not, should be our strategic partner. It's — resources, oil, gas. In this war, you can create such an illusion that the enemies around us and need to get the power was strong. And it nobody should keep away to avoid the country took part in the same Russian. This is beneficial Lukashenko. "

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