1.4 million people gathered for a rally in France against gay marriage.

The French once again came out to protest against the bill "Marriage for All",
which involves not only the legalization of gay unions, but also allows same-sex couples to adopt children. The initiative is approved in the lower house of parliament (National Assembly), in April, it will consider the Senate.

Sunday's protest was held in the heart of the French capital — near the Arc de Triomphe, writes Liberation.
According to the organizers, it was attended by about 1.4 million people. Police leads smaller numbers — about 300,000 people. The participants chanted slogans about protecting the traditional family, the foundations of which, in their view, undermine the bill.


"We came to say that the family — a father and a mother, it is the best it can be for children" — quoted by Liberation 30-year-old activist, who had come to share with their children. Other protesters demanded to put the issue of gay marriage in the public referendum, recalling that President Francois Hollande in his election campaign promised to "consult with the people."

However, the four-hour speech that began as a peaceful, yet not without the use of violence by the police. Batons and tear gas came into play when a group of several dozen people, allegedly members of the LGBT community, tried to break through the cordon on the Champs-Elysees. Several people were arrested, reports BBC.

Previous mass Protest was held on January 13 at the Champ de Mars in Paris. Then, various estimates, it has collected from 340 thousand to 800 thousand people. Previously against the legalization of gay marriages performed supporters of the Catholic Church and Muslims.

Translation of an article from Liberation:


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