10,000 hours without maintenance: PS-90A set a record for domestic aviation

Hours PS-90A engine Tu-204-300 of "Vladivostok Avia" has made more than 10,000 hours without maintenance. Now the engine continues to operate. 

This is the second motor out of the park PS-90, exceeding 10 thousand flight hours. In February 2013 the first engine, which stepped a similar line the bar, was the PS-90A-76, operated by Azerbaijan Airlines «Silk Way Airlines» on IL-76 TD-90. Another 6 engines have logged more than 9,000 hours without removal from the wing, the press service of the "Perm Engine Company". Currently, about 350 PS-90A engines operated on Il-96-300, Il-96-400, Il-76TD-90, Il-76MF, Tu-204, Tu-214 and their modifications in eleven domestic and five foreign airlines. The total operating time of PS-90A engines of 3,350 million hours.

Achieving such a raid without removing the repair was a record for the domestic aviation, which confirms the reliability and high quality of products "Perm Engine Company".

Engines of PS-90 are mounted on Il-96 and Tu-204. Aircraft operated by the Special Flying Squad "Russia", "Aeroflot", "Vladivostok Avia", "Transaero», Red Wings, Cuban Cubana and others.

The appearance of PS-90 in the early 90s of the last centurywill nearly doubleimprove the efficiency of domestic mainline aircraft of the new generation, to increase their range to 14,000 km, to ensure compliance with international standards on emissions of pollutants and noise.

The design of the PS-90A implemented the modern world's requirements for safety, efficiency and maintainability. The advanced on-board diagnostics allows you to safely operate the engine for an extended period of on-condition no fixed hours of resources.

Since certification in 1992, the PS-90A continuously been crafted constructively improved its production process, which has greatly improved the reliability and increase the resource.

In domestic and foreign airlines operated approximately 280 engines PS-90A and its modifications: 82 mainline aircraft to 11 domestic and 5 foreign airlines, including Il-96-300PU President of the Russian Federation.

"Perm Engine Company"— Serial manufacturer of aircraft engines for civil and military aviation, industrial gas turbines for power generation and gas transport. "PMZ" is part of "Management Company" United Engine Building Corporation "- 100 -% specialized subsidiary of OJSC" United Industrial Corporation "Oboronprom" for engine assets.

United Engine Corporation (UEC)— Integrated structure, which produces engines for commercial and military aircraft, space programs, the installation of various capacities for the production of electricity and thermal energy, gas compressor and gas turbine units ship. JSC "Management Company" UEC "is a 100% subsidiary of the holding company" Oboronprom "entering into the state corporation" Russian Technologies ". In total, the JDC has more than 70 thousand people.

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