10 major events in the field of innovation over the past year

Center for the Study of Regional Problems (CIED) made a rating of the 10 key events in Russia in terms of innovation in 2012, he was drawn from a survey of 50 experts — the largest managers of innovative companies and market analysts of high technology.

Accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Reduction of customs duties will make it more affordable modern construction, scientific and measuring equipment. The experts also rely on the fact that WTO accession will facilitate the exchange of engineering samples between Russian and foreign research centers, as well as facilitate the domestic producers of innovative products to enter international markets.

Moscow International Forum "Open Innovation"

Experts note — Forum brought together in one place representatives of government, business and science, whose activities are connected with the development of an innovation economy in Russia. Interviewed experts believe that the need to coordinate the activities of all participants in this process is long overdue. Software Forum events attended by more than 5 thousand people.

Legislative initiatives of the authorities

This spring, the president issued a package of decrees ("The long-term national economic policy," "On measures for implementation of the state policy in the sphere of education and science", etc.) to support the innovation sector of the economy. Among the orders — the creation of 25 million jobs by the high-performance 2020 and an increase in total funding of public research funds to 25 billion rubles.

Act establishing the Fund for Advanced Studies (DRF) — an analog of U.S. defense agency DARPA

The Foundation is established in the form of a non-profit organization that supports research projects in the military-technical sphere. Ideologist of its creation by the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin — known lobbyist and serial Russia's "defense." Most of the experts agree on the fact that such a fund would be useful, since the Russian voenprom still has great scientific potential.

Creating a registry of innovative products, technologies and services that are recommended for use in Russia

To get to the registry can any Russian innovation company or individual entrepreneur — of course, after the application will pass the examination. According to the respondents of the rating specialists, the registry can help Russian producers to find their consumers, because of the existence of many innovative products consumers can not just guess.

Creation of a fund "New Technologies"

Fund of 4 billion rubles. was organized by "Russian Technologies" in conjunction with the Russian Venture Company. For 10 years, the creators plan to finance more than 200 projects. Those who took part in the rankings generated by the fund experts have called one of the few examples of real interaction between Russian development institutes.

The first set of faculty members in the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

This step will allow Skoltehu run modern educational programs in areas such as information technology, energy and biotechnology.

The initiative of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives to establish a "National System of competencies and qualifications (NJC)."

The project's objective — to compare the existing universities in training programs with the needs of employers. According to the interviewed experts, the system will allow the state to sort out what training the country's economy lacks most.

Creation of an electronic system IPOboard on MICEX

IPOboard — the country's first web-site to attract investments closely held companies innovative sector of the economy. Of the rating stress that the new site is able to significantly reduce the barriers faced by the Russian innovative companies in entering the IPO.

Statement of the Government of Moscow's intention to allocate up to 20% of public procurement for innovative products and technologies

The corresponding bill is currently developing a metropolitan Department of Science and Industrial Policy. Experts believe — Russian hi-tech manufacturers certainly benefit from it.

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