10 new residents Technopark-Mordovia received certificates

On Friday, residents were awarded certificates "Technopark-Mordovia" — winners of the third competitive selection. 8 companies from Saransk RUZAEVKA already received their certificates, and 2 nonresident ANO "Training Center" Tritec "the project" Implementation of the Internet Protocol — LISP (Locator / ID Separation Protocol) in Saransk "(Sarov) Ltd "Inside Systems" with the project "National Monitoring Centre for Internet Resources" (Novosibirsk) will receive statements by mail.

General Director of AU "Technopark-Mordovia" Jacob V. congratulated us with a new statute and wished to residents of successful projects, fresh ideas and creative energy.


New residents:

Ltd. "safety standards". Specialization — nanotechnology and nanomaterials. DRAFT — Photoluminescent technology and materials to ensure the safe evacuation of people in emergency situations.

MStudio13 (IP Mishunin MV). Specialization — information technology. PROJECT Creating a virtual tourist map of facilities and infrastructure in Saransk.

Ltd. "Vebparadoks." Specialization — information technology. DRAFT — Ad network for mobile and social applications "SpinUpAds"

JSC "ECM-Engineering". Specialization — information technology. DRAFT — Design of railway wagons using software 3D-modeling, texturing and animation

LLC "New Solutions". Specialization — information technology. DRAFT-technology development of information systems based on distributed networks of sites. Social Network "Writers Club"

JSC "Mordovia radio electronics company." Specialization — optoelectronics and fiber optics. DRAFT — The organization of upper-air radiosonde production in the Republic of Mordovia NPK "Electrovypryamitel." Specialization — electronic instrument. Project — Development and production of semiconductor devices based on silicon carbide

Ltd. "Integreyted Partners." Specialization — information technology. DRAFT — online booking restaurants RESERVO

ANO "Training Center" Tritec. "PROJECT:" The introduction of the Internet Protocol — LISP (Locator / ID Separation Protocol) in Saransk "(Sarov)

Ltd. "Inside Systems". PROJECT: "The National Monitoring Centre for Internet Resources" (Novosibirsk)

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