10 new Su-25SM3 arrived at an air base in SOUTH

The first batch of new Su-25SM3 in the amount of about ten units entered service airbase in the Krasnodar region, told reporters on Friday, the Southern Military District (SOUTH).

"In the framework of the state defense order for the air base SOUTH unit located in the Krasnodar region, received the first batch of new Su-25SM3 in an amount of about 10 units," — said the officer.

He noted that at the same time with the rearmament of aircraft flight crew conducted retraining for the management of this type of aircraft at the Center for the deployment and retraining crews in the Lipetsk region.

According to the representative of the Southern Military District, to date, more than 60% crews airbase has been retrained on the Su-25SM3. "Currently, the newly arrived cars completed maintenance work. First scheduled flights newest attack aircraft combat training program is scheduled for next week. Su-25SM3 is an extensively modified version of the Su-25, and unlike its predecessor, is able to destroy small-sized mobile and immobile ground objects without the visual visibility day and night, as well as aerial targets "- said the representative of the Southern Military District.

This modern aircraft is equipped with GLONASS satellite navigation system (GPS) with the possibility of programming the end point on the map with an accuracy of 10 meters, which allows the pilot to operate autonomously without ground support services not only in normal weather conditions, but also in the complex, with "zero" visibility. The cab has a digital display that shows the ground and air situation. Due to the new satellite system aircraft was able to perform operational use at an altitude of almost 2 times higher than the Su-25. Thanks to the extensive modernization, the combat effectiveness of the use of lethal Su-25SM3 increased to three times.

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