10 years ETRAN: electronic document goes beyond the boundaries of Russia.

The flagship project of "IntelLeks" — system ETRAN — in the 10th year of its existence, has made the transition to a new qualitative level. New functionals designed to allow clearance of rail freight system to solve problems that until recently did not belong to the scope of supply of the complex of JSC "Russian Railways". A number of successful projects on cross-border data exchange ETRANu allowed to cross the Russian border.

September 17, 2012 ETRAN system of JSC "Russian Railways", developed by JSC "IntelLeks", celebrated its first anniversary. In 2012, the system has evolved in a number of ways, from simple record-keeping services to a large number of operating decisions, from domestic to cross-border data exchange.

  Due to the implementation of the project of cross-border data exchange system ETRAN crossed the borders of Russia: are well underway two-way exchange of electronic invoices on empty wagons between Russia and Finland, cars come with electronic invoices from Latvia. Since the beginning of 2012 are preparatory work on the organization of electronic documents with the Republic of Belarus. In the short-term experiment to exchange electronic invoices can be extended to the carriage in the direction of the other Baltic countries, as well as Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Creation of features aimed at improving the quality of transport planning in general and the movement of empty cars in particular, has also become an important focus for the developers of this year. Currently, to solve marketing problems implemented controls at various levels, such as those concerning transport planning, processing notifications for moving empty cars, with power of attorney to send the empty wagon.

"An important achievement of the year was the introduction of a functional" Controls CFTO[1]"Which allowed us to give up part of the operational management controls in favor of the customer. New features undoubtedly made communication with the users ETRAN more comfortable," — shared the results, the Head of Software Development Company "IntelLeks" Nicholas Artamonov.

The last year of the system vividly illustrated the desire of developers' IntelLeks "does not stop there: using the system made possible the organization of cars under agency contracts. "ETRAN took over all operations in terms of contractual relations in the so-called GSP wagons[2]. Accounting for traffic and analytics implemented in the system, help the customer to see the reality of the situation "- continued to sum up Nicholas Artamonov.

Improving not only the software component: this year ETRAN system migrated to a new, more efficient server complex. This will produce a further scaling software and hardware of the system.

According to the July-August 2012 in the month issued more than 1.5 million invoices for transportation.

The anniversary invoice exactly 10 years after the registration of the first consignment has got in ETRAN agent SHCRS the station Ufa Kuibyshev Railway Samoilov Lada Vladimirovna. Recall that the first e-invoice has been issued at 07:48 Moscow time on station Zlobino Krasnoyarsk Railway.


Also on the topic:

  • The share of electronic documents between Russia and Finland has exceeded 97%.
  • ETRAN system prepares contracts for 106,000 cars of "SHAPE"
  • The share of electronic documents for shipments of empty wagons from Latvia to Russia exceeded 50%
  • Create electronic documents.
  • Russia and Belarus have taken the first step towards a common customs space.

[1] Center of Transport Service JSC "Russian Railways"

[2] Own car attracted

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