100,000 km manufactured cable.

Summing up the results for May Ltd. "Saranskcable-Optics" be congratulated on a double victory. Speed, elapsed now reached 3000 km / month and 13 years of existence has been marked by a digit 100000 km produced by the cable! Reached the level of passing that it is safe to say that the company is firmly back on its feet, gain experience and aims to conquer great heights and expand its capacity. To do this, all the conditions. The new production facility will be equipped with special equipment for indoor Cable. Purchase of equipment for self-production and drawing of steel wire, aluminum-clad and armored Tubular, which will reduce costs and increase production of cable, built-in ground wire. Volume production is planned to increase the FOC is 1.5-2 times as due to an increase in production capacity.


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