150 millionth tonne of ore mined in Tashtagol the 50th anniversary of the city

In Tashtagolsky branch "Evrazrudy" mined 150 millionth tonne of ore from the start of commercial operation of the mine. It gave life to mine Tashtagol. Jubilee ton of local ore was a worthy gift to the birthday of the city, which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary. 

According to the press service of Eurasia, today ore mining subsidiary in Tashtagolsky conducted at three sites and six horizons. Annual production of the mine is 1.7-1.9 million tons. Tashtagol primary concentrate is processed by Mundybashskaya and Abagurskoy concentrators, where iron ore sent to the main consumer — ZSMK.

Stocks Tashtagolskiy branch are more than 700 million tons of crude ore, most of which occurs at great depths. There are reserves of ore with high iron content — about 44%. Extraction of such ore requires significant investment, emphasize the company.

Last year, the mine Tashtagolsky Evraz has commissioned a modern complex of backfill. Now, mining ore is a new technology: Out space filled with a hardening of the mine with a mixture of Granulated slag, cement, gravel and water. "It allows you to keep out space to save the Earth's surface and start practicing previously inaccessible areas of mineral resources. Thus, the packing gland complex will extend the mine life activity Tashtagolskiy for the next decade, "- said the press service.

Tashtagolskiy deposit is the largest in Siberia reserves of iron ore and one of the richest deposits of iron content, such kinds of underground mining in Siberia. Tashtagol mine started to operate on a temporary basis 22 June 1941 and is the oldest among the branches Evrazrudy with underground mining.

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