20,000 hectares of silence

March 11 this year by the Administration of the Tambov region formed a new specially protected natural area — biological reserve "Nizhnevoroninsky"

It is located on 20 hectares, adjacent to the Crow River in Uvarov and Muchkapsky areas. Reserve "Nizhnevoroninsky" joins the list of specially protected natural territories of Tambov previously submitted by the State Natural Reserve "Voroninsky" three sanctuaries of regional importance: Morshanskoye, Hmelino-Kershinskim, Polnovskim and 97 natural monuments. In addition, in the Tambov region created 8 green areas — protected areas of local significance, formed around the large settlements Tambov, Rasskazovo SOSNOVKA, Kirsanov, Uvarov Zherdevka, Znamianka, May Day.

The reserve is prohibited hunting, restrictions are imposed on economic activity, normalized the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, any development must pass approval. Sanctions threaten well as for use in conservation areas snowmobiles. Sanctuaries are equipped with informative signs, feeders to feed the inhabitants of protected areas. Every year, experts perform accounting and winter waterfowl census trip hunting animals.

Accepted conservation measures are yielding positive results. In 2012, compared with the previous year, a 24 per cent increase in the number of hare. In one and a half times the Tambov region has more gray partridges, 4 times — wild boar, almost 3 times — ermine.

The objects of the newly created reserve "Nizhnevoroninsky" will muskrat, mink European, otter, deer european, gray cranes. It is also beneficial for the size of their population in the Tambov region, Tambov Online reports. Scientifically proven that in order to maintain the ecological balance of the area of specially protected areas should be at least 5 percent of the area of the region. In the Tambov region through the creation of the reserve "Nizhnevoroninsky", the figure was 5.6 per cent (199,000 hectares).

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