20.01.2011 There was a successful launch rocket Zenit with meteorological satellite Electro-L


Today at 15.29 MSK from Launch Complex 45 area Baikonur starting calculations of rocket-space industry of Ukraine and Russia made a successful launch of a space rocket "Zenit-2SB" with the upper stage "Fregat-SB" and a Russian spacecraft for the analysis of hydro-meteorological and geophysical conditions in near space "Electro-L". At 15.37 MSK after regular office of the second stage launch vehicle upper stage "Fregat-SB" continued removal of spacecraft "Electro-L" into the desired orbit.
Separation of the spacecraft from the upper stage is scheduled for 00.28 MSK on January 21.
Press Service of the Russian Federal Space Agency

Learn more about the running machine here.
Photos of the launch rocket can be seen here.

Update as of 21.01.2011
According to the press service of the Russian Space Agency apparatus "Electro-L" was successfully launched into orbit and began a full-time job. The expected life — 10 years.

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