20 new buses joined the fleet of transport Vladivostok

Today, July 9, in the central square of Vladivostok, a solemn acceptance of the municipal transport enterprise "VPATP-3" has 20 new buses "Volkswagen"
Today on city routes already has 16 "Volkswagens", 20 more will come on line later this month.

By order of the mayor, they will go first on the socio-important routes, which asked citizens. The yellow "Volkswagen" can be reached within 17 rubles to the "Dawn" to Sadgorod, not for 50 rubles as of now offer commercial carriers. And also on the housing estate Snow Pad by Tukhachevsky and Funicular can get out of Sukhanov. All buses are equipped payment terminals "My Dolphin" for non-cash payment for travel, as well as GLONASS. Drivers will run in a special uniform.

Until the end of the year on the roads of Vladivostok will be released 100 of these yellow municipal buses "Volkswagen". If they are to add 52 large buses world famous German brand MAN, which for two years has successfully transported the residents and visitors of Vladivostok, it turns out that one in four city passenger bus — Council. This competition encourages and commercial carriers. They also began to buy new buses, today updated more than half of all urban bus fleet.

"My fundamental position: all municipal buses must meet world standards," — said the mayor.

Head of Vladivostok also shared good news with the drivers. Now there is a process of transferring the city several houses formerly belonging to the military. After carrying out repairs to their employees of municipal transport companies here will have service apartments.

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