20 units of engineering equipment arrived in military units and formations of the Strategic Missile Forces in 2012


Given the importance of the tasks to provide alerting and Nuclear Safety, through the heads of engineering troops of the military districts in 2012, the Strategic Missile Force received about 20 pieces of engineering equipment and 45 tons of engineering equipment.

Among the supplied engineering technology include such examples as bulldozers at an army tractor, puteprokladchiki wheeled tractor, universal mine layers, bulldozers, excavators, regimental diggers, cranes and various electrical tools. Among the engineering equipment supplied special significance for tasks of combat support missile units are camouflaged means of industrial production, exploration and mine kits, assemblies, components and spare parts for the engineering technology.

Also, with the active participation of the officers of the Strategic Missile Engineering Services has been implementing the troops of advanced engineering equipment to enhance maneuverability and survivability of new combat missile systems, among them — machine engineering and camouflage, cars remote mine.

In particular, in 2012, in connection Teykovskogo missile was delivered six new vehicles engineering and masking (myoma).

Available in the MIOM means of masking and imitation ensure implementation of measures to conceal the missile system in field positions, the distortion traces the movement of units of the complex immediately after their classes missile battalions, including the knurled surface trace of false positions and objects.

Adopting MIOM has reduced ten times the human effort required to perform these tasks.

And in 2013, the troops will begin delivery of the upgraded vehicles engineering and masking with more advanced technical equipment and new means of camouflage in comparison with its previous counterpart. This will entail the introduction of new methods of concealment and simulation applied personnel on combat duty in the missile systems mobile home.

Among the main tasks assigned to the engineering units RVSN — engineering reconnaissance and facilities, equipment fortification objects, positions and areas occupied by units and formations, training and maintenance of combat patrol routes, field positions, routes and ways to maneuver units, to hides and imitation products, areas and important installations.

Admission to the SRF engineering equipment and new equipment greatly increases the efficiency of dispersal of combat units, strengthen the defenses, and increases the protection of personnel, weapons and military equipment of all kinds of weapons.

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