2011 for the Astrakhan region was rich in red ribbons

January 21 at the oldest hospital in the region — Alexander and Mary Regional Hospital opened a new surgical building. It was built during the Soviet era and the years stood grim reminder that investing in medicine is not only necessary, but it should.

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Today it is a multi-storey housing, designed for operations in eight areas, including high-tech. His "filling" is surprising. Six offices, 500 medical staff, modern equipment, 330 beds, the plan for 10,000 operations per year, including three thousands — of high-tech. Thanks to the object Astrakhan medicine has made a step forward.

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In April rejoiced energy and oil companies of "LUKOIL". April 21 Ilinka Ikryaninsky district opened a corporate training center.

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The next day, in Astrakhan, in the power plant — a new combined cycle plant, which has decreased due to the region's dependence on external energy sources.

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In August, the village Soljanka opened a new school.

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Construction of a new school building was started in 2004 in the face of severe financial difficulties. To complete the project was possible thanks to the prisoner at the beginning of the year the agreement between the federal and provincial ministries of agriculture. The integrated program "Social development of village until 2012" to complete the construction of the school, the federal budget allocated 30 million rubles. and the budget of the Astrakhan Region and the local budget — 35.7 million rubles.

October 25 in Astrakhan after reconstruction opened a school number 11.
Area schools increased by a factor of two. Assembly and sports halls, dining rooms, showers, playgrounds, landscaping and beautification of the school yard, the most modern equipment of the school.

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October 27 the most extraordinary happened. In a solemn ceremony was opened Astrakhan State Opera and Ballet Theatre. The same one that was originally conceived as a new musical theater, and then decided to turn in Astrakhan analogue Italian La Scala.

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The idea to build a new center of culture and art began in April 2006. The idea matured in December of 2006: before the town planning board Astrakhan was submitted project construction of a new musical theater worth more than 4 billion rubles.

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Then — a few years of rapid construction, litigation, numerous disputes, finding a new contractor to replace caught stealing. And then, finally, victory. In Astrakhan, for the first time in the history of the ancient city built a unique structure. Perhaps, with the competent policy of regional leadership and adequate funding (about 250 million rubles. Annually) new Astrakhan State Opera and Ballet will allow the Caspian Russian capital not only to gain a foothold in this capacity, but also to become the cultural capital of the South of Russia.

November 10 the launch of a super modern, fully automated dairy in the village of Volodarsky.

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Capacity — 100 tons of milk per day, in parallel to its effective work built 9 modern dairy farms.
These projects are being implemented with the financial support of the federal and regional budgets.

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November 15 it was the turn again to enjoy the energy sector and the people of Astrakhan. One day, two important events. The morning was opened up complex transit route of continuous movement.

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It includes two bridges over the River Line and Curve and the Bold more than 7 km of road connecting the central part of the city with neighborhoods "Astrakhan-2" and "Babayevsky." Grand structure similar to that in the Astrakhan region was in 1986, when earned a new bridge over the Volga River, was built in 2007.

After lunch, the former tram and trolleybus park opened a new substation "Jubilee." She, like theater, erected as part of preparations for the 450th anniversary of Astrakhan.

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And though time shifted, to put into operation. It will greatly improve the power supply of the central part of the city and to connect new customers.

Two weeks later — again a holiday. In Astrakhan, in the sports-entertainment complex "Star" has opened a world-class pool. Its parameters are: 50 to 25 meters, the depth of three meters. Excellent conditions created for the coaching and the judiciary, provided rooms for sports commentators.

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There are separate rehabilitation and reconstruction zones for athletes — with saunas, massage rooms and gym. Complex engineering systems operate using energy-saving technologies.

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But this is only the beginning. In the second stage will be erected a small pool hopping pit 25 by 25 meters and towers. The third starting complex is a swimming pool for teaching swimming and mini-water park. The works are scheduled for next May.

25 November in Astrakhan, the grand opening of the shopping center "Fair". A five-storey complex has a total area of 81 thousand square meters located opposite the train station in one of the busiest places in the city.

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Lettable area mall about 38 thousand square meters. m inside — dozens of shops and several supermarkets. And a multiplex cinema, a children's entertainment center, a cafe and two floors of parking for 700 cars.

A week later, on December 2, again a reason to rejoice. In the suburb of Astrakhan held technology start-up of new waste sorting complex.

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The object unique not only for our region but for the whole of the Southern Federal District. It is based on the most advanced technology of solid waste sorting used in Europe.
Created 175 new jobs.

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In February of the next year the complex will begin processing all waste generated in Astrakhan. After receiving and sorting of solid waste to be sent to further processing. It is planned that up to 50 percent of the total volume fractions of waste recyclables will be. The remainder will be collected on a conveyor belt, briquetted and sent to landfill. Each year, waste sorting complex will be able to process up to 200 million waste.

Latest building gift Astrakhan in 2011 was the grand opening of Yamgurchevskogo footbridge.

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Located in the alignment of the street in the Great Grandma and the garden, it has not been repaired for almost 60 years, and in recent years has become a place where flourishing illegal trade. On the job has been allocated 83.2 million rubles from the federal, regional and municipal budgets. Of these, 23 million for the reconstruction of the bridge and almost 60 on the improvement of the waterfront.

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