2012 became the National Center for aircraft turning

2012 was the last project of the National Center for aircraft turning point: at the state level has taken a number of important decisions that have shaped the development of new opportunities and growth points NCA, offered alternative ways and mechanisms to overcome the difficulties associated with organizational, legal and financial aspects of the project, successfully completed major preparations and procedures.

So, with the acquisition in December 2011, the project management company NP "NCA" most of the land attached to Zhukovsky the process of forming the territorial-property complex NCA, combining basic research and production site in the perimeter of the Flight Research Institute. MM Gromov and actually 887 hectares of new right-bank areas designated for the placement of the associated infrastructure NCA.

At the end of 2012 was finally approved by the General Plan urban district Zhukovsky developed to meet the regulations of the Russian Federation on the NCA, a comprehensive program of NCA, urban development concept of right-bank areas and thereby reinforced the promising path of development as a world center of Zhukovsky aircraft of strategic national significance and essential for socio-economic development of the Moscow region.

Yield Master Plan GO Zhukovsky change the category of attached land, forming forces NP "NCA" and leading Russian and Western consultants urban planning and initial permits have launched a large-scale investment program covering the entire planning area "Right Bank-north" and aimed at the implementation of land assets in the form of lots of investment to reinvest proceeds from the sale in the construction of the NCA with limited commercial potential.

In the extension of the approved Concept creation NCA and subject to international best practices as a mechanism for addressing systemic problems aircraft and related industries NP "NCA" had made proposals for creation in new areas of industry innovation center — IC "Zhukovsky", which includes the Joint Educational Complex federal and regional significance Technopark, departmental housing with the necessary social infrastructure, which is already reflected in the Master Plan GO Zhukovsky.

One of the many, the question of creating IR "Zhukovsky" in the NCA was considered to held in August 2012 at a meeting chaired by Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, DO Rogozin Development National Center of aircraft and worked out in accordance with the instructions issued.

Particular attention was paid to the above-mentioned meeting of NCA unique object, the potential of which is currently not used to its full extent — an experimental airfield "Ramenskoye" and create a project based on its modern airport complex with the civil sector. Given the current and projected needs of potential residents of the main areas of NCA, activities of a prospect IR "Zhukovsky" extensification use of the aerodrome in tinning of civil aviation — a natural and very necessary step.

A list of instructions of the Deputy Prime Minister after the meeting secured the order for further work on the commercialization of the airport complex "Ramenskoye": chaired DO Rogozin is already operational working group composed of representatives of interested federal bodies of executive power, of "KLA" GC "Russian Technologies" and NP "NCA" priority measures are implemented, including the development of business plans by type of airport activities and schemes of the general development plan territories within the perimeter of "LII. Gromov," as well as the identification of sources of funding for the project.

In addition, in 2012, new opportunities have emerged and provided the concept of creating NCA project of the Museum of Aviation: NP "NCA" prepared proposals for a package of measures necessary for the formation of the museum as one of the major "centers of gravity" of NCA, and in accordance with the instructions of the Deputy Prime Minister II Shuvalov on November 19, 2012 worked Accommodation museum complex, including on the right bank of new territories.

It is important to note that in 2013, the positive trend is continuing: the participants of the project — JSC "UAC" GC "Russian Technologies", Moscow Region Government, Federal State Unitary Enterprise "TsAGI" — join forces to find and implement effective schemes of the principal elements created by the complex, avoiding the load the federal budget. Recall that federal funds had built one of the most important transport infrastructure NCA — road "Entrance to the town of Zhukovsky (LII. Gromov) of highway M-5" Ural ".

At the moment the priority NP "NCA" and its founders is to raise funds for activities to engineering support and reinforcement of the right-bank areas of NCA, which prior to the approval of the Master Plan GO Zhukovsky intended for agricultural use. His vision of the participants have already formulated, and soon proposed funding mechanism for land development to be considered at the highest level.

In addition, during a working visit to Zhukovsky February 14, 2013, the Acting Governor of the Moscow Region A. Vorobyov said their willingness to personally work out the possibility of the Moscow region in solving the current problems of NCA and provide the public with a policy document, the algorithm determines the participation of the Moscow region in the implementation of previously approved by the members of the Concept of creation of NCA.

It is worth noting that at the end of 2007, in anticipation of the Presidential Decree number 217, under the Agreement on cooperation in the development of NCA in the GO Zhukovsky, by the Government of the Moscow Region has signed BV Gromov, Moscow region has an obligation to participate in the development of transport and engineering infrastructure of the NCA, as well as ensure the development of a master plan for the urban district from the perspectives of the NCA.

To date, in terms of creating objects of modern innovation, residential, social, engineering and commercial infrastructure, as well as the significance of the project for the economy of the region and the country as a whole, the establishment of the NCA is one of the most extensive in Russia. Noticeable progress of the project in 2012 is not only the result of a serious comprehensive work of its members for several years, but no less important prerequisite of intensive development in the coming period.

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