21 February — International Mother Language Day

Once people spoke the same language (modern linguists refer to it as Pramirovoy language). For hundreds of years the situation has changed: today, there are about 5-6 thousand languages. Russian language — one of the most common. Today, on International Mother Language Day let us remember what a beautiful and rich language we inherited, and we will try to comply with its purity. Of course, other languages are also interesting and good, but the native language is undoubtedly the most intimate — we are in it we communicate and think.

 The exhibition is dedicated to purity of the Russian language


"In the days of doubt, in the days of painful reflection on the fate of my country — you alone are my support and the support, of the great, the mighty, truthful and free Russian language! Without you — how not to fall into despair at the sight of all that occurs in the home? But it is impossible to believe that such language was not given to a great people! "

IS Turgenev, 1882

Against the background of joyful screams: "Russian language will soon become old, dead …" (do not call the author, not to create it additional advertising) are particularly important evidence-based claims of those scholars Russian studies that say: "The authority of the Russian language is still very high The world. Knowledge of the Russian language to provide everyone with the opportunity to communicate with people of other nationalities and opens new perspectives for international and inter-ethnic cooperation … Russian language, as before, remains the key to the knowledge of all branches of science and technology. "

Yet we must realize that the danger for the Russian language still exists. So, it exists for the society in which we live. After all, Russian language for many centuries served as a vital means of consolidation of Russian society at all levels and in all environments. Including ethnic.

But not only in its role. Has long been known as a man thinks, so he acts. All the acts of the person (well, the absolute majority of them) are first blurts in an internal monologue. Russian man thinks in Russian. Consequently, the change of language forms entails a change in behavior, whether it is an ordinary man or a public or political figure.

The idea that saving, support Russian language, strengthening its position — it is a necessary and indispensable condition for spiritual, cultural, and scientific development of Russia, the basis of national security, the unity of the state, is a powerful influence on global processes as one of the world's major languages, finally , made its way to all parts of society.


We must soberly aware that the impact of the language outside of any extra-linguistic factors to deny, of course, is impossible. And here in some situations, our goal is to reduce the effect of these factors. Or, at least, in some way help the language itself to deal with it.

First, as the English say the same, "It is better to light at least one candle than to complain about the darkness." All who are concerned about the fate of the Russian language and culture, should make a contribution: prompt, correct and ridicule — and at school, and in high school, and "for life." Laughter kills, ridicule is a powerful weapon, often stronger than the five-floor-mat peremat.

Second, to act more actively Institute of Russian language as a guardian, protector of our native language.

Third, it was possible to create a structure (such as internal security in the Ministry of Internal Affairs) to monitor and to fines for errors in translation or in the original texts "creative" scribblers and their owners, who would pay for the mangling of Russian language, especially in the advertising and the media. Such a service can be set up on a commercial basis.

Fourth, run the "site of shame" on the Internet, where all can gibbet "literate" (including public policy), their masterpieces.

…Unfortunately, the war is not in favor of the Russian language and culture. They slowly retreating under the pressure of superior numbers and wealth of hostile forces. But Russia is always "do not beat the number and skill", took spirituality, intellect and cultural. And here it is appropriate to recall the words Anna Akhmatova,
voiced during the terrible trials:

We know that now lies in the balance

And what takes place now.

Hour struck by the courage of our watches,

And courage not abandon us.

Do not be scared to go to the bullets of the dead,

Not bitter remain without shelter,

And we will preserve you, Russian speech,

The great Russian word.

Free and clean you will carry,

And our grandchildren, from bondage


Chuzhakin Andrew, associate professor of the Moscow State Linguistic University.


Russian people, the Russian nation — is a great nation, a great nation, and we have a great language. That's the feeling of a great people and a great language — it should be common to all. With this mind we have to live with.



Reverently touch

Besides, what are you armed,

Express Yourself and revel in the light

Boundless Russian language

The air is light, juicy, tasty,

Stern and gentle, many faces

All melodies skilled

Our amazing language.

To his face, and the term is narrow,

And mezhdometnyh sigh and cry,

Be proud that you understand Russian,

Try to comprehend the depth.

Funny and sad to hear, right,

How ellochek and fimok Men

For overseas "Ingham", "shek" and "wow"

His groaning, want to press.

Sergei Skachko

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