22.2 thousand meters? housing commissioned in the Mykolaiv region

  • District Lines 2, Nikolaev
  • District Lines 2, Nikolaev

In the I quarter of 2012 in the Mykolaiv region commissioned 22,2 thousand m? the total area of housing, of which 10 thousand m? (Or 44.9% of total housing) is for individual houses, according to the Department of Statistics in the Mykolaiv region. In I quarter 2012 built 193 apartments, 17 units (8.1%) less than in I quarter of 2011 gorodahpostroeno 169 apartments in the countryside — 24 apartments. Of the total area of commissioned residential buildings of single-family homes owned by 80.4%, with two or more apartments — 19.6%. The lion's share of houses built in urban areas — 19.3 thousand m? (Or 86.7% of the total area), the rest — in the countryside. The volume of housing in urban areas increased by 28% in rural areas — 87.9%.

The average apartment size was 115.2 m?, Including in the cities — 114 m², Countryside — 123.6 m².

A total of commissioned two bedroom apartments prevailed (34.2%) and three (26.9%) apartment.

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