38 new farmers Saratov region received development grants

38 new farmers received grants to develop within the framework of long-term regional target program "Development of Agriculture and Regulation of agricultural products, raw materials and food in the Saratov region" for 2013 — 2020.

Their projects have been selected by the Commission of the 131 applications submitted for the competition. Basically it plans on breeding dairy, beef cattle and the development of grain production. The recipients of budget support were graduates of agricultural colleges, the owners of private farms, decided to move to the status of the farmers.


In the work of the commission was attended by Deputy Prime Minister of the region, Alexander Soloviev, Agriculture Minister Ivan Baboshkin region, Saratov branch managers of leading banks, public sector unions, representatives of Agrarian Sciences.

The development of farm production are involved in most of the funds from the federal budget. This year for the program allocated 55 million 566 thousand rubles, including 10 million rubles from the regional budget.

"The Commission's decision will not spray the budget, and focus them on areas that can give maximum return", — said Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Solovyov area.

Agriculture Minister Ivan Baboshkin area, summing up the competition, budding farmers promised the support of the ministry and advised to concentrate efforts and resources on the production process and the development of promising new areas of agricultural production.


In the Saratov region program "new farmers" the second year running. The winners of the competition in 2012 for a budget support were 37 new farmers field.

Funds received from the state were directed to the construction, modernization and reconstruction of livestock buildings, the purchase of livestock, purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment, trucks, equipment for the production and processing of agricultural products, the purchase of seeds, a complete set of farm animals equipment and appliances, as well as domestic improvement of farmers.

The Ministry of Agriculture of

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