4 Moscow and St. Petersburg’s one of the top 22 most beautiful stations in Europe

British newspaper Daily Telegraph rating was the most impressive European subway stations.

The list of the 22 most beautiful metro stations according to «Daily Telegraph» includes 4 metro stations and one station of St. Petersburg metro.

First place went to the new Naples station "Toledo", which opened a few months ago. Interior — the embodiment of fantasy Catalan architect and designer Oscar Tusketsa. Passengers on the Metro station "Toledo" with the creative artistic decision, it seems that the whole room slowly filled up the falling snow or submerged under water. This effect is achieved by using different colors mosaic tiles blue. The station is located on Via Toledo — one of the main shopping streets of Naples.

Komsomol in Moscow

Toledo in Naples

Solna in Stockholm

Westminster in London

Station Arts and Crafts in Paris

Vestfridhof in Munich

Entrance to the station Bokengeymer Warta in Frankfurt

Mayakovsky in Moscow

Olayas in Lisbon

Avtovo in St. Petersburg

Old Town in Prague

Platz Wilson in Warsaw

Stadium subway station in Stockholm

Aubert in Paris

Golden Gate in Kiev

Materdey in Naples

Münchner Freiheit in Munich

North Greenwich in London

Slavic Boulevard in Moscow

Kiev in Moscow

T is central in Stockholm

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