40 Tyson — the bright lights of the track!

The company "Ventaus" has expanded its range of new LED treklaytom — FLED-TL 06440 "40 TYSON".

Power consumption of the new LED lamp — 40 watts.

"TYSON 40" comes with different types of reflectors that form the angle of the beam: 60 °, 24 °, 15 ° and 12 °.

With a color temperature of 4000K (neutral white) light output amounted to — 4090 Lm.Different brightness and optical characteristics allow to select the right model that will enable dramatically extend the range of application of the lamp from lighting a rack to the goods until accented illumination dummy.

Bright accent lighting such as LED lamp is indispensable for small, compact boutiques and shops to large retail space.

This may be lighting products clothing, shoes, leather goods, baby products, watches, electronic gadgets and stylish accessories, costume jewelry, jewelry, etc.

The light source in the new LED luminaire is undeniable Japanese Quality —  CITIZEN, power 36W, developed COB-based technologies. Chip-on-Board (COB) LED's are a combination of a sufficiently large number of LED chips on a circuit board.  In addition to layout and production advantages, such an engineering solution can provide more uniform light output, without the need for secondary optics on individual LEDs.

Energy-efficient commercial lighting TM FireLED presented today by the model lineup of LED track lighting, several times reduce your expenses for payment of electricity bills. 

"Tyson 40" easily replace 50 W metal halide lamp, its huge life (50,000 h/ 10 years with 12-hour day), and excellent quality our products will delight you for many years for its excellent application properties.

Light is made of cleaner aluminum alloy.

Is lightweight, elegant design and easy to move around the track. Supplied with adapter for three-phase busbars.

Increased radiator has an active cooling system.

Track lighting can illuminate brightly and point the right product or storefront, underlined interior features. Today, these lamps are very popular and are widely used in commercial lighting in shops, hotels, exhibition halls, etc.

  • Track LED lamp 40 TYSON
  • Track LED lamp 40 TYSON
  • Track LED lamp 40 TYSON
  • Track LED lamp 40 TYSON

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