A. Klaskouski, E. Minchenko, P. Jakubowicz: Belarusian-Russian crossroads

Why Belarusian-Russian relations have reached this week, perhaps the sharpness of the peak? What are the goals set by Russia against Belarus? What effect does the conflict between Moscow and Minsk on election situation in Belarus? On these topics in the "Prague accent" discuss: from Minsk — the head of analytical projects information BelaPAN Alexander Klaskouski and editor in chief of the newspaper "Sovetskaya Belarus — Belarus Today" Pavel Yakubovich, from Moscow — Director of the International Institute of Political Expertise Yevgeny Minchenko.

Listen to transfer to Sunday, October 10, at 18 hours.

Here are some fragments of the transfer.

Alexander Klaskouski

Klaskouski: I absolutely agree that it is opportunistic in the conflict, a conflict system, a crisis of the model of "brotherly integration" … Belarusian Popular Front party announced the fight on two fronts — against Lukashenko and against "the candidate of the Kremlin" — a cover of the conceptual confusion that part of the opposition … At first laughed at that oil from Chavez, and now economists have calculated that it is beneficial. After all, Chavez does not take toll, and Moscow takes …

Paul Jakubowicz

Jakubowicz: I think it was the peak of the conflict and the parties are now back to a calm tone … I would ask colleagues not to use the expression "if Belarus will fall under the West" it is about the country, and not something indecent … NTV tape — it's fun for the intellectuals who make these movies. It's all the fuss, they have no effect on the election of Belarus and give nothing in Russia … Belarus is not ready to ideological confrontation with the Russian establishment, so there is no need for this …

Eugene Inhabitant

Inhabitant: I think it is absolutely unethical behavior of colleagues Jakubowicz, to speak about the facts and do without the personal attacks. The October aggravation love Lukashenko to Russia due to the gap between the elite and the Belarusian population, which for the most part is set to a positive relationship with Russia … If Belarus "to go" under the West fear that Lukashenko's fate awaits Milosevic … Russia a few years will have to deal with Lukashenko because of strong opposition leaders do not …

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